Since I Was A Child

When I was only three or four years-old, I went through a phase of suddenly taking off all my clothes, usually in public. (This was a real concern for my parents, as you can imagine). As young as I was, I can remember how I felt when I was shucking my clothes off. It wasn't an attention-getting ploy; I simply hated the feeling of the fabric on my skin and I wanted to be free of it.

Much to my parents' relief, I outgrew this. In my adulthood, though, I still look for places to be naked. There is a nude beach nearby me and I go there a lot. I don't go in order to be looked at; nor am I much interested in looking at others. I just like the feeling of the sun and the air on my body.

Years ago, my then-husband and I lived in Montana. We headed up to the mountains so he could cut up dead trees for firewood. It was a cold December afternoon but the sun was beating down on the face of the mountain. My job was to help him carry the firewood to the truck when he was finished.  While I was waiting, I walked a distance away and found a clearing in the pines.  Just as I did when I was a child, I took all my clothes off and lay down on the grass. Within seconds, I was warmed by the mid-day sun.  I could hear my husband's axe in the distance. I could hear the cold air rustling through the pines around me. I could feel every blade of grass beneath me. In my place in that clearing, I felt wonderfully alone. Not to sound like some new-age flake, but I felt as though I were having a private moment with the Universe.

I most enjoy being naked outdoors when there are no eyes on me, when it's just me and the air, or the sun, or the water on my skin. It makes me feel like there are no barriers between me and the natural world.

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The total feel of being in tune with nature and being one with the element you are in, understand that feeling

Yes, it's good to be nude out side. At the beach, warm sea, or walking among trees with just the air around my body. I always try to go on holiday in places where I can be nude outside some of the time anyway

I'm with you. I had a Yankee Puritan mother who's family ended up in Kansas and who became Presbyterian.
It took me until this summer to try 24/7 nudity and after the first night and day,I was amazed at the healing power of nudity.
What animal besides us voluntarily wears clothing?
(You'd think their hatred at us pet owners,etc dressing them would've clued us in,but we Westernized humans are a thick-headed lot.)
I felt in complete communication with the Universe (or at least) The Milky Way the first night I went nude;it was very surprising how intense the experience was;I really wasn't expecting this sort of return.
I'm glad I made this lifestyle change.

So well put that is how I feel .Love going out of town in summer and being able to walk country footpaths naked with the sun on my skin and the breeze wrapping its self round me .Laying in a field listening to nature going about its day nothing better.

It's a feeling that's hard to describe. Nudity isn't always about sexual availability; sometimes it's just about being alone with nature. No distractions. No eyes. Just all your senses in sinc with the sensations around you. Like you said, nothing better.