Can Anyone Tell Me How To Post A Photo To A Story?

It asks me for a URL, which would be great if I knew it, but I don't. How do I browse my photos to post one?

Thanks for your help
PrincessCleo PrincessCleo
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Don't know, but it looks like you got it working.


Looking good, PrincessCleo. Thanks for sharing!

Good photo Princess. I hope EP admin doesn't bash you for posting it. Carpe Diem!

Mmmmm... Totally naked in the sun. Wonderful!

Wow! You are M'Lady, Beautiful. Glad you found the secret of adding photographs. Thanks for sharing such Beauty with the world!

Looks like someone helped you figure it out. Nice tan.

Whoa! Looks very nice. ;o)

Hmmm it appears you have figured it out, and I for one, am very happy you did.
That walk looks lovely, can't quite put my finger on it, but I believe I have walked that walk, naked of coarse, just as you are. It looks very familiar. Thanks for posting it.

Looks like you may have found it. Lovely photo.

EP has two edit modes for posting. One is simple, the other has more complex options. The toggle is at the bottom of the edit block while writing a story. Toggle to the more complex edit mode. A button for inserting a photo will be at the top with other edit options, bold, etc. Click on the Insert Photo button. It comes up asking for a URL. But there is another "Tab" on the insert photo function. Click on the Browse tab. That takes you to a small browse window so you can select your photo. Lots of instructions, but it doesn't take long. Carpe Diem.

looking good with no tan lines

Guess I just figured it out.......duh!