I Am the Other Woman

i am a 23 yr old woman who is dating a 28 yr old man who is married, we met 5 months ago at a swingers club at first it was just about the sex and now  in the beggining  i was ok with that i have been in **** whole relationships my whole life so i figured why not.

i have been cheated on and i know how it feels so dont judge me just yet

we have been talking about us and he tells me he loves me and his wife and that the he loves us equally he also says he doesnt care if she finds out about us because he can never"not ever see me again" and that i am a part of his world now 

even though i know my possition in this relationship i do love him and the sex is great but i dont see him ever just being with me i want to end this sherade but how can i leave him i love him with most of my heart when i am with him i get butterflies and the kisses are electrifying but he does not love me as much as his wife he says he loves me but i dont believe him

please help me to decide my fate

msbrook msbrook
2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

MsBrook... what Miaa advise here does makes sense... It could be down to sex.. or it could be real love .. nobody knows better than you do cos you know ur man better. Lots of hugs for you ...whatever decision you will be making...whatever answers you will find out later.. be brave to face it. It is not going to be easy... but at least you know have did love him in some way...

Somehow, what Miaa wrote here started to make me think... but again it depends on different circumstances.. Nobody would want to love a lie ...but when the heart is involve.. it is heartbreaking to let go what we thought is 'pure love'..