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I was the lover, but it wasn't always that way, we were very good friends and were there for each other at the worst point of our lives. Helping each other to pick up the pieces and be a stronger person. We became a pillar in each other's lives. As he was going through a tough time in his marriage I encouraged him to be the better person and try and make it work for the sake of his kids. And so he did but it didn't work but he loved his kids so much and was prepared to take on the hurt and pain of living with his wife.

Time went on and we fell inlove. We didn't mean to, it just happened and the situation was still the same he was in this unhappy marriage, but wanted to stay for his kids. I didn't want him to brake up is family. But we coudln't stay away from each other although we tried so hard, that is what led us to have an affair. We were happy truely was, there for each other now not only emotionally but physically as well. We had an affair for three years but because he was so devoted to his kids I never felt the need to ask him to leave. I thought to myself I knew what I was getting into so if he decides to ever leave it had to be on his terms. When he wants. I loved him so much I never wanted him to dissapoint his kids, because that's what he wanted.

Their mother obviously tought them to hate me, so we will probibly never get along. I will never do that to him. His wife promised that if he ever leaves he will never see the kids again although we knew she could never do that I knew that if he does leave his kids will not feel the same about him again. I can't do that to him. Yes maybe I'm being silly and you don't really understand how I can feel like this but I just loved him so much I was prepared to share him. Now we married have a child together and I still share him with that family.

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I'm not sure how I'd feel about him going home to her every night ... that's a bit excessive ... you say you married him and have your own child with him now - I think there comes a point where you need to insist he gives time to you as well. Your child needs him too - he has to make some effort with his new situation.

Thank you "Womaninbliss" it's great to know that there is someone that understands, for me all I want is for him to be happy and most of all his kids I have kids too and they come first. I'll never ask him to choose. And even if his wife is a ***** and drives him up the wall, I will be there to help him down. <br />
People say I'm being unfair towards myself because he goes home to her every night. But I don't mind. I know he loves me I feel it when we together and even when we not. I think that's the most important thing.<br />
Thanks, again WONANINBLISS

Thank you for sharing your story Friendlybabe. I agree it's totally wrong to try to pull a man away from his children. Whatever we do in life we have to be responsible for our own actions and conscience and I know that, like you, if I love someone enough I will follow their wishes on this. The threat of not seeing his children again would eventually be enough to put an end to the affair. If you care enough for him, you will care for his happiness too. I don't think you were being silly at all. I'm all for going for what you want in life but it's not at any cost. You have to be willing to let go of someone if you love them enough and I think you handled the situation for the best.

Glad you both are now married. At day end... his love for you is what matters.