The Society Killed The Teenager.

We are very unfortunate to live in this cruel era. Where people will judge you, hate you, stab you (not literally) and make your life like hell. And these things don't just seem fair to me. How could we possibly express ourselves freely? Simple. Try not to care. I guess flaws were made also by God to let others know that we are equally fair. You may think celebrities or popular human beings are close to perfection but they do have also their secrets. And some maybe much worst than ours. I like to make people laugh but I'm not a comedienne. I want to tell people what I feel, what I think, what I usually don't think and what I really care about. But, even myself is not safe anymore. I hear different reactions from people around me. They hate me, used me names and even let the whole world know that I am really fat. I should be saying this earlier. I'm fat and I hate it also. My friends keeps on telling to do exercise to stay healthy and fit. But sometimes I don't consider this much. I think they are just concern about my image. On getting fat, really. They are concern that maybe I will never get a boyfriend, a happy life, and suffer my life with all the diseases that may arise. And I can't help thinking that I'm also getting insecure to this "skinny gurls" and hate myself as well. But I can't help thinking also that they just really care for me and I do the same for them. I'm really trying my utmost best to lose some. With prayers and faith as well. But sometimes, I get tired and go back to the usual things I do. It gets boring anyway but I'm thankful they still accept me for who I am, not for my body. Flaws are really good. They make you realize your priceless. And guess what? I keep on making them laugh more and they keep on making me laugh more as well. I guess, we are still fortunate to live in this era.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

I agree 100% !!! The age old question of "Should I please myself? Or please the legions of people judging me unfairly at the moment?" is more relevant now & places more pressure on our generation than any other in the past. You keep up your independent thinking & only lose weight if it makes YOU happy. It doesn't matter if achieving this happiness is based on societal standards you don't approve of; I think the happiness is what matters most. Oh, also, even if you suspect those friends' reasons for giving you the "advice" they do, it sounds like they have your best interests at heart. <3

Thank you for that wonderful message. I'll keep that in mind. Stay lovely. :)