Many Different Hues

I believe in a world of colors. A Crayola box full. A life of hues that exists between the continents of Black and White. I believe in nuanced theories rather than dogmatic statements, in thoughtful queries over simplistic answers. I believe in confusion and wonder as a path to clarity.
I believe in questions.  Lots of questions.
And the presence of God in mystery.
I believe in conversations. Lots of them.
In different languages. Between contrasting cultures. Among incompatible people. I believe in difficult and awkward dialog between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, siblings, neighbors, and friends. I believe in challenging negotiations between countries, families, and people.
I believe in uncertainty and fuzzy lines, and in forgiveness. I believe in second chances, bacause I would want one if I ever needed it.
I believe in optimism. In believing the best about a person even when his behavior says otherwise. I believe that in all evil there exists a chance for goodness, and that in all darkness is found a speck of light. And I believe that pure virtue isn't immune to corruption, that truth and light can emerge from darkness.
I believe in stripes. Not solids. I believe that polka dots are perfect!
I believe that a person can change there opinions as many times as they wish throughout there life. That the woman who lived by every rule in the Catechism of the Catholic Church in college is allowed to recognize the wisdom in the four noble truths of Buddhism after her graduation, that one philosophy need not define her forever.
I believe in the beauty of evolution. Of the mind and spirit and body. And in different seasons. Winter is my favorite though. But Fall is a close second sympolizing new beginnings.
I believe that a diagnosis doesn't have to predict someone's future. That in every recovery there exists the possibility of a miracle. I believe less in symptoms than I do in strategies for healthy living that treat every functioning organ within the human body and the soul that encapsulates all of them. I believe in all kinds of medicine and every type of treatment that better connects a person's mind, body, and soul to each other.
I believe in healing and wholeness.
I believe in a world of communities, not individuals, and that a person cannot thrive independently, outside of his relationships. I believe the actions of one human being always affects his brother, sister, neighbor, and friend, which makes him accountable to all those persons. I believe in saying I am sorry if I have wronged someone.
 I believe no one gets sick by himself, and seldom can a person recover all alone.
I believe in the smiles on my children’s faces when I see them light up. The untouched beauty that lies within.
I believe in the sacredness of relationships. And in world in which we are responsible for one another.
I believe in a God who likes to paint in colors, who created a world of vibrant hues. I believe that life is about a journey, not just a destination, and that our existence is more about becoming comfortable with our questions than at arriving at the answers.
I believe the world it truly full of endless possibilites…what do you believe?
*PS- I joined the ‘I challenge you to challenge me to write group” and this story is is the result of Destry’s pick! Thanks my friend ~

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Are you familiar with the Luscher Color Test?

NYPixie- I love fluffy wings my friends :) thanks a bunch :)XOXOX<br />
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msshelly-thanks so much! I have my bad days too but I try to be positive overall. Nothing is ever black & white but many different colors :)

zall1rog- thanks again for your comments! Are you stalking my posts? LOL

Thanks Marcus ~

wonderful post. :)

BF- why thank you Bobfrost :) . It's all about perceptions ...I happen to believe there are endless possibilities ..but then again you already know that about me:)<br />
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Groovy- Much appreciated :) . I have had fun writing lately!

As long as we believe....and I do. The world IS full of endless opportunities and possibilities. Btw...I think you rose well above the challenge.

SuperMother2010- thanks! I am doing wonderful! How about yourself? <br />
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Thanks Des :).<br />
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Bluebie-Love you too girl! Thanks so much for your sweet comments my friend :)

Snowy, I believe you have hit the nail on the head, so to speak. I love reading your posts like this because they so eloquently say what is in my heart. Love you girl. Hugs.

your welcome.

PTMAN- what a sweet thing to say :) ..thank you very much!

lovely snow, i believe in you. <br />
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great post.