Why I Support Palestine & Why Israel Should Get Out Of Palestine

I'm a single mother living in Wisconsin. I have a 21 year-old son with vaccine-exacerbated autism and an 11 year-old son who recovered from mild autism. I have experienced a great deal of trauma in my life and I live in poverty by U.S. standards, but I know that the conditions in which I exist and what I've survived is nothing compared to what Palestinians are subjected to on a daily basis by the Zionist, oppressive, belligerent, sadistic Israeli government. During the last couple of years I've steeped myself in videos and short films which document the truth of life on the ground in Palestine. I've followed news agencies from Palestine, I've seen the bloody aftermaths of bombing runs in civilian neighborhoods, the relentless house demolitions by IDF bulldozers, the torture inflicted upon innocents via Israel's use of the chemical white phosphorus which burns through skin to bone, I've read about the effects of Israel's blockade on Gazans which has amounted to slow starvation, desperation and humiliation,  and of the numerous war crimes of which Israel has been found guilty by the International Tribunal, and their many violations of the 4th Geneva Convention, and I've howled at the fact that so few people dare to question Israel, or accuse Israel of any misconduct, given the history of their Holocaust.

Well, the Holocaust was atrocious, but you think Israel might have learned TWO very important lessons from it: Treat others the way you would like to be treated. And: Absolute power corrupts absolutely. So to Israel I say: "Do not repeatedly and illegally build your houses on Palestinian lands when the settlers you send to live in them are so religiously extreme that they unprovoked torch Palestinian crops, fruit and nut trees, these settlers' hatred even leading them to try to run over innocent Palestinians with their cars. And Israel, do not choke the life out of Palestinian people by forcing them to live in an open-air prison, and do not demolish their homes with bulldozers, blameless even when one of them intentionally crushes to death a young American peace activist named Rachel Corrie. And do not restrict Palestinians' ability to travel outside Gaza to find work to feed their families and then blame Hamas for their poverty, and do not force the fisherman to fish so close to the shore that no more fish remain for catching, and do not tell us you are bombing in the dark of night to kill a member of Hamas when you know full well you'll kill hundreds of innocents in a neighborhood, and do not deny medicines and medical equipment and power to run the generators in Palestinian hospitals simply because you "can" , oh and because a wheelchair might be melted down to make a freakin' weapon!

How dare you Israel, how dare you whine about a stray rocket or a suicide bomber when you have decimated an entire people in what looks suspiciously like the intentions of a "former ethnic cleanser" I'm sure you remember all too well, and do not shower white phosphorus upon helpless women and children, and even near a U.N. compound and then deny that this was done, and do not seek to gain the sympathy of the world by crying "Holocaust!" every time someone questions whether you might have used excessive force, like in your recent murdering of peace activists aboard an aid-bearing flotilla, including one teenager of U.S. citizenship, for Israel, were any other nation to kill that boy, we would have called them "terrorist", but you, precious Israel, gun him down and you cry "Holocaust!" and once again you escape accountability. So do not you dare invoke the name of God when every enlightened Jew in this world knows, Israel, that your Zionist hatred has perverted and raped the true spirit of Judaism. And do not give your precious AIPAC lobby in Washington so much power that it bars even our President from helping Palestinians. Oh Israel, how is it you can still whitewash your massacres at Sabra and Shatilla? ...

Here are two videos of Rabbis who know the truth, Israel. A Rabbi who knows that Islam was here before Judaism (so how dare you use your Bible as a land deed!) and a Rabbi who knows, as do Jews the world over, that Zionism has made a tragic mockery of Judaism, and who weep with the people of Palestine, and who cry out that justice be given to the Palestinians, and that the evil empire which hatred has made of Israel must be stopped, and that peace and prosperity be given to the ones who are today's true Holocaust victims. Palestine, may Peace and Justice and Joy once again be yours.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PA2N2Iz5ExM  Jewish Rabbi admits that Islam is the Oldest Religion
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXh_T7oO9_g  Rabbi Weiss Condemns Israel's Flotilla Massacre
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeMWVhrsILs&feature=related  Young Jewish Conscientious objectors Who Have Been Jailed Because They Refuse to Serve in an Army that Kills Palestinians

Thanks for reading and for standing with Palestine :)
~ Hillary
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GREAT stuff-your kids will be very proud of you.More please.

go to the MEMRI site, everyone! Its all real!

I am very torn on the issue but there is no doubt that the atrocities committed against innocent Palestinians are swept under the rug by the media.

May Allah (God) protect the Palestinian and may they one day be free Inshaallah! Long Live palestine! <3


My Jewish friends have told me how the dislike Israel, and that Zionism has taken over Judaism. The media like BBC and CNN only show the crimes that are happening in Israel. But they show nothing of the israel soldiers in Gaza and the missiles being attacked at Gaza

Totally agree with onlygodjudgeme!<br />
lazyangel>> I'm a Muslim Palestinian and I would never hate a jew, I have nothing against them! but a Zionist, I'm sorry people don't expect me to love someone is killing my family there! if a Muslim went there and supported Israel 'which you can find' I would also hate him, I would even hate him more! As I said it's not a about religion it's about the Sadistic crimes and the heartless people who support it!

Sorry if I offend anybody's religious sensibilities with the above post.

Well, we need to differentiate between Judaism and Zionism. The state of Israel is a Zionist state. A good muslim and a good jew have nothing to hate each other about. A Zionist has grounds to hate everyone who is NOT like them - it is just like Nazism. They kill christians and Druze too.

Whew, someone is angry :) <br />
<br />
Gentlemike, this is not a kid's argument about "who was there first, nananana". It is about atrocities that we are witnessing this day, and basically from the late 1800s to this very day and these condemn Israel and the UK as the starters of violence. The reaction from Palestinians would thus be considered Defense as I am sure you know.

Hillary, I took the liberty to make the below reply, hope this is fine with you :) <br />
<br />
gentlemike100>>> Well, at first I didn’t want to reply you because your uneducated, Presumptuous way of talking shows clearly that you got no “brain” in your head to think with, as the “very smart one” who replied above you! So any word I would say wouldn’t make a difference but any ways:<br />
<br />
It’s not a matter of religion, it’s a matter of those people who have no right for living life!!! and to summarize for you what we’re talking about just answer these questions!!!<br />
<br />
How would it feel like if you were walking in the street with your kid doing absolutely nothing, and a soldier not pointing his weapons at you but at your 4 years old son? How would it feel like when you open your door at the morning and you find your kid … or one of your beloved family thrown in front of the door killed filled with blood and who knows maybe an arm or a leg is missing!!! <br />
>>>>> First go experience this, before you come here and talk insolently! <br />
<br />
And, if you want me to talk about Islam: YES, I BELIEVE “LIKE I BELIEVE IN THE AIR I BREATH” THAT PLESTINE WILL BE FREE, why I believe that? Because I’m a Muslim, and Quran says that it will be free, and I believe in God’s words, and I’m not like you , I’m not gonna insult Christianity or whatever religion you relate to, like you insulted Islam, because Islam taught me to respect all religions, you’re just reflecting a very bad image for your country and your religion!<br />
<br />
Hillary~ no words will be enough to thank you for the amazing story! It's great to know that there are still people in the world who care about the truth and are not afraid to say it loudly, REALLY, I ADMIRE U!<br />
Ps. I’m sorry I took over your story and replied him…

Wow, you are a very educated and passionate individual. More-so than most anyone else I have found on this site. You have summed up every bit of information that I haphazardly leave scattered across the site, into one eloquent story. I should truly hope you don't take these other comments to heart, you're much too great for that. It is quite funny that their best argument is a grammatically fragmented insult. Stay strong my friend. [:

you lady are misinformed,palestine land is israels from the beginning of time.the romans gave the land to the palestines in 70 ad<br />
the land is and always will be israels.<br />
islam is a lie and is teaching the world to beleive its bs.<br />
what is wrong with you?<br />
the palestinians would be happy to take over and slaughter all jews,christians and athjeists.<br />
learn about islam,its easy<br />
jeez,the level of brainwashed morons in this country baffles me.<br />
suicide bombers are the answerr i guess?<br />
the last poater is tright<br />
u r a crazy b---ch

y o u r a c r a z y B I T C H

Beautiful story. I'd also like to make a note that in the U.S and in Canada and many other countries, they are taught about the Holocaust and nothing about Palestine. Nothing at all! In fact, they just go ahead and refer to the Holy Land as 'Israel' as not to offend Jewish students, but NO; it's completely alright to insult Palestinians. Sad. <br />
<br />
I thought we knew better. =/