How Very Childish?

In response to UN vote, Israel to build 3,000 new homes in settlements

Netanyahu orders thousands of new housing units in East Jerusalem and the West Bank; controversial plans for new construction in the E1 area near Jerusalem will be advanced, contrary to commitments made to the Obama administration.
Israel plans to build some 3,000 new housing units in East Jerusalem and West Bank settlements in response to the Palestinians' successful bid for recognition at the UN General Assembly this week.


It is like they are saying to the 138 country and to the UN general assembly, let's see what you are gonna do about it! Which I have expected and I have been arguing about it with almost everyone for the last few days, I wasn't expecting specifically building settlements, but I was expecting a very careless attitude from Israel towards the decision and an "indifferent" status of Palestine and a continuousness of all the violations and no one can do anything about it! Actually Israel has said it yesterday "A piece of paper will not change anything in reality" so what are you expecting after such statement? But that's not why I am posting this, it is just good to inform everyone how much Israel is childish not accepting a legal decision reached by a complete majority of votes. Such a spoiled child! 
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3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Because bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) is stupid! he's a ****** prime minister and the only reason he was chosen is because he supports the Hasidic ideals and he makes people belive that without America we could survive which is not true

Even I will admit that this was an expedient response. Hell I believe Israel should stretch from the Euphrates to the Nile and from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean , but it would be smarter for Israel to practice a little more diplomacy right now.

It's too late for diplomacy puck, they got to take now while the goungs good. They were too busy playing smart but not being clever

Things look desperate for Israel, while the UN castrates them, the world will strangle them economically. Hmmm.

Heres my song I devoted to the people for their new status :). What do you think of the song?

I think the response is an attempt to provoke radicals to retaliate as soon as possible. This is something that is to their advantage at this stage. It's a dirty game being played. I just hope there are no attacks in retaliation by radicals. Now people must be calm in Palestine. With their new status they have a different platform to fight from now. A platform which most countries voted for them to be on, so the world is ready to hear what they have to say. Radicals must just not come spoil things now. That's what Israel wants