I Believe Palestine Should Be Given Land

I'm just an italian living in the states but I don;t understand the reasons behind israel mis-treatment of palestine. The jews have been discriminated against for a very long time...shouldn't that be a reason for NOT discriminating against others? Apparently not. And I think that all the countries who threated to bomb or declare was on israel because of the abuse of palestinians should give palestine some land to settle in...it's not so many people and theyre getting less and less as time goes by....
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4 Responses Feb 3, 2013

Palestine existed before Israel. The Israelis occupy Israel not just because of the Holocaust but also to build the Greater Israel of the Biblical Times. But they should know that the new Israel is the church.

I agree that Palestine should be returned the land that has been stolen from them by Israel. Your strange proposal that the land should be supplied by countries "who threated to bomb or declare was on israel because of the abuse of palestinians" doesn't sound very practical. I'm not sure which are those threatening countries, but even if they exist, they would be giving bits of land all round the world.
No, the land which Palestine needs is its own land from the 1948 agreement, which has been taken over by the Israelis, you can see maps in internet showing how much land has been taken over since the establishment of Israel.
Of course the Palestinians consider Israel as their enemy; all that stolen land, a wall dividing their country, 100 deaths by Israel for each single death by Hamas. It would be very difficult to reach a lasting peace, but the only way to start would be for Israel to return all the occupied territories and demolish the shameful wall.
But anyway, it' s good to know that at least a few Americans support justice for Palestine.

I agree with you, though they both should just acknowledge each others right to be there and get along, I don't think Palestinians should be robbed of their land to do it either.

Well i see your point but we also must realize that the Jews will give land to the Palestinians if they will just acknowledge israel's right to exist. Also, why criticize israel when the other nations have so much land that they could give up? Israel is extraordinarily small and should not have to give up even more land.

well yes i totally agree with you they both have the right to exist im just saying Israel recognizes Palestines right to exist but the Palestinian leaders seem to not reckognize israel's right to exist. If they can get along, everything would be fine.

Yes they very well could be. And it is very sad to see people in such poor living conditions. I am very lucky to live in america, we tend not to realize how lucky we are here.We really do need to help the Palestinians out. On the other hand, before israel occupied the land they have now, certain regions, then under palestinian control, were worthless wastelands where nobody live. When israel gained the land, they turned it into a very profitable area. That is a reason why some palestinians live the way they do, a large part is most likely because its just a bad place to live in the world, but if they actually tried, they could make life better for themselves. Its the same way in Afghanistan, my brother was deployed there and for a lot of people, they were just too damn lazy to do anything to make their lives better and just lived in mud huts and in small villages. I know they face hardships, but we can observe that some of those middle-eastern peoples do not have the motivation to make their lives better or succeed, and would rather sit around smoking pot under a tree all day.