What Can We Do?

I also believe the Zionist will not stop invading until Palestine vanishes from Planet earth's map. What can we do to help Palestine?

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3 Responses Jan 17, 2009

Let's not forget that Isreal has a host of ILLEGAL weapons of mass destruction. It is a country ran on a single religious agenda, that is always a recipe for fanatisism. Isreal is the adult product of an abused childhood. Their anger at the Arab world is misplaced. The culture is one of hatred, self importance and superiority over every other race and religion.

If you mean the invasion of Gaza, the answer is simple: Hamas must stop shooting missles into Israel. Israel has not occupied Gaza for years now and still they are subject to barrages of missles. Why is that? And which country in the world would allow that??? Stop the missles, take away the hatred and you can have peace. But, honestly, can any person or country make peace with another person or country who vows to destroy that person or country? Give that some thought.

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