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The priestly gene is not a gene shared by all Jewish people. You can not just make things up and present them as fact.<br />
There are indeed many Christian sects that teach that the world was created only 3,000 years ago.<br />
I am in fact a native american and if you are not a member of one of the nations then you are not a native american, but feel free to call yourself an indian if you like, though I am sure that the true indian people (from india) might take acception to that.<br />
I am not a Clinton supporter and never have been either husband or wife so your comment there does not matter to me one way or the other, but since you brought up riding in on someones coattails Bush Jr. is a great example of that.<br />
I do love our current president though I do not agree with some of his policies. If he accomplishes nothing else he at least restored some of the dignity of the office that was lost the eight years before him. Tell me you can at least admit what a collosal failure that was?<br />
I did not say that I wanted Sarah Palin to shut up, I said that I wanted her to run. The more she says the better, but she can only fit so many crib notes on each hand so a lengthy interview might not be such a good idea, just saying.

I read YOU like a book: I first had you pegged from the beginning, and it took YOU several posts to even START to know my views.<br />
And you do not even address the fact that you are now an ADMITTED liar.<br />
Go ahead show me the post where I SAID "women should be submissive to men", it certainly was not on my profile like you LIED it supposedly was.<br />
And even if I WOULD say that, it still has nothing to do with 'paranoia' like yours about 'the evil Zionists' you are so rabidly fanatically paranoid about. <br />
Amazing how you libocrites pretend to care about women not being submissive but want Sarah <br />
Palin to shut up just because you don't like her views.<br />
Amazing how ME the supposed 'bad one' supposedly 'against women' supports a self made woman and accomplished business entrepreneur, who did not have to ride her husbands coattails to success (like Hilliary did) or get her success through ONLY being a politician (like just about every Democrat in office in Washington including Obama).<br />
Jewish, is also an ethnicity which has genes found more in Jews then anyone else called the priestly gene.<br />
And since you admit Arab is an ethnicity; They have 22 countries to live in so they need not steal the land from the Jews let them give it BACK and move to some other Arab country.<br />
The Jews who were there in the land BEFORE the Arabs came are the ones who were invaded by the ARAB illegal aliens.<br />
The JEWS not the Arabs, have the right to decide who can or cannot be in THEIR Jewish land that the Arabs stole from them.<br />
You are just trying now to play games with semantics just to try and keep finding more and more weak excuses to vilify Jews.<br />
If as you claim, the original Jews were Arabs, then so are those from Europe since they all have the same ancestors who all originally came from our forefather Abraham.<br />
Children of illegal immigrants should not have any rights as citizens, in the country their parents illegally entered; Which is why the Arabs (who are not descendants of those that were living there since before the Roman Empire) have no rights since THEY are the illegal aliens, not the Jews.<br />
<br />
Before 1900, the ONLY "Palestinians" were Jews, not one Arab ever called himself by that name before 1900. <br />
And I did not say "Indian" I said "American, Indian" .<br />
I was born in this country which makes me a "native American".<br />
And if you want to claim that everyone who is not an American Indian has no right to stay in America then it has nothing to do with liking or not liking the country, as you started off saying.<br />
And I do not see you SAYING you are an American Indian, you keep implying it but you do not SAY it.<br />
I never said anything about that land bridge or when it might have existed and no one has ever seen any species evolve into a new and genetically incompatible species from the old species nor has anyone ever gone back in time to SEE humans evolve from lower life forms so there is no absolute proof for evolution.<br />
Why should I believe you ARE when you yourself won't even SAY it?<br />
HahahahahaYou talk of shallow intellectual pools then claim that anyone believes the world was created 3000 years ago?<br />

Ha, ha I knew it, I can read you like a book. Sarah Palin eh? It is to laugh. I hope that she runs also because it would split the Republican vote. I am a registered Independant voter. With all of the intelligent, well spoken women in this country can't you people come up with anything better to offer than Sarah Palin? This is a bit confusing, are you denying that you posted opinions of how you believe that women should be submissive to men? You know you did.<br />
Ok, let's try this one more time, see if you can keep up . You keep saying Arabs and Jews...Arab is an ethnicity while Jewish is a religion. You insist on comparing apples to oranges. You have said over and over again that the land in question, what I would call Palestine and what you would call Isreal, was held by Jews from the beginning. What was the ethnicity of these Jews? Were they not Arab? You keep saying that these Arab Jews have accepted the European transplants as Jewish. Was anyone arguing that they are not Jewish? Was someone accusing them of being falsey Jewish? Not that I am aware of. They can be just as Jewish in Russia, Poland, England, the US and the other countries of their origin. There have been many religions in this area and if you are being honest you will admit that Judeaism was not the first nor Christianity nor Islam. Saying that this small segment (Arab Jews) has a right to give permission to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to settle the area is akin to saying that the few people here in America that believe that the illegal immigrants here have a right to citizenship have the authority to give away American land. From your most recent post it is obvious that you would not support that. In your opinion do the children of illegal immigrants here have a right to the benefit of citizenship? I would be willing to bet that you will be in favor of the New legislation in Arizona and other states to change that law in our own country. Is this assumption correct? Just because I said that there have been several generations of Isrealis born to the land does not mean that I believe that they have a legal right to own this land. The point of that comment was how difficult it becomes to realistically deal with the problem of these illegal immigrants on Palestinian land as more time goes by. Just as it is now impossible to remove all of the European settlers here.<br />
Ok, as far as my being a Native american, do you presume to tell me what my ethnicity is or is not? Indian is not the correct term. Indians are from India. How can you call me a hypocrit for saying that the US was stolen from the Native Americans? Being a Native American do I still have to move to North Korea or does it mean that YOU are living on someone els's land not me. I am living on the land of MY ancestors. <br />
Interestingly enough you referr to the Native Americans as having immigrated here when the land was uninhabited. I assume you are talking about the long ago land bridge from Asia? This theory is currently being debated in the scientific community and many now believe that there were people here long before the accepted version of the 13,000 year theory. And if this is the theory that you prescribe to you would be in direct opposition to the opinion of most of your tea party buddies who are predominately Christian, do not believe in evolution, think that the world started 3,000 years ago, that dinosaurs roamed around at the same time as people, that Christianity is the worlds one true religion and that Jewish people will not be included when the "rapture" comes at the "end of days" Do you still want to throw yourself in this shallow intectual pool?

You hate Jews just like any other radical liberal.<br />
So now you admit you lied, first pretending you did not understand my analogy about the Arab illegal squatters on the Jewish land that they stole from the Jews.<br />
And it was no more 'ba<x>se', then yours about "manifest destiny".<br />
<br />
You are the one ranting and full of paranoia "Ooh the Jews are out to get us, they are nothing but traitors and Z.O.G. government spies taking us over and stealing everyone's land" .<br />
And I do not say anything on my profile at all; Not about 'male dominance' or anything else.<br />
So once again you prove you know nothing of what you are talking about.<br />
Wow you paranoid liberals always attack everyone screaming against what you yourself so clearly are.<br />
And I never said anything about you not being a Native American.<br />
<br />
Whether or not you born in this country never even came up.<br />
<br />
As for you being an American Indian, yeah sure. hahahahahaha<br />
<br />
Again I never said anything about you caring or not, about my RELIGION, just that you so obviously hate, and are paranoid about JEWS.<br />
I assume nothing.<br />
I SEE you only complain about Israel getting US money, not about the Jihadist countries (and that is EXACTLY what they are) getting it and now you confirm it by saying you don't like it BUT FOR DIFFERENT REASONS which means NOT for the reasons you don't like Israel getting it so returning criminal and terrorist and oppressive activity by THEM is just fine with you.<br />
Thanks for admitting that.<br />
Once again you contradict yourself you want anyone ELSE to move if they say anything that is not nothing but praise and pretense that everyone running the country always did everything right, but when YOU criticize the country it's just fine.<br />
Typical liberal hypocrisy.<br />
I chose North Korea, because the people there have no freedom which you seem to hate since you have the attitude that if you don't like something about a certain group or country that it means you reject EVERYTHING about them.<br />
The Indians came to an empty land and settled it.<br />
The Arabs killed Jews and stole their land, let all the Arabs stealing Jewish land go back to other Arab countries.<br />
Like you touched on, most Jews now living in Israel were born there so even according to YOUR argument, that is their land even if it hadn't been before (which it was for the two reasons I previously mentioned) .<br />
I can say with a straight face that no Jews stole Any Arab houses because despite the lies constantly told about it, no one has EVER proven it in even on single case let alone tens of thousands or more.<br />
It is well documented that in 1948 the Arab leaders before attacking Israel told the Arab residents to clear out so they could have a clear path to slaughter only Jews when they attacked.<br />
The Arabs LEFT on their own; Nothing was 'stolen" from them and they left only so that more Jews could be more easily murdered.<br />
I know YOU obviously think such treachery should be rewarded by letting them move back into the houses they abandoned, but of course if Jews had done that in America, you would be the first one screaming that Jews should get NOTHING from such treachery.<br />
But the Jihadists you will always support.<br />
More antisemitic liberal hypocrisy.<br />
You are no more dismayed that I am an American, then I am, about you being one.<br />
<br />
Oh yeah persecuting religious Jews and giving more and more Jewish land away to the Arabs who use it to launch more terror attacks from is really conservative on the part of the Israeli government isn't it?<br />
See once again you prove yourself to be a liberal;<br />
"Those Tea Party crazies" yeah crazy enough to want the Constitution to be followed.<br />
Wow how insane to actually follow the founding documents of this country you claim to love so much.<br />
And yes to all your questions as to who I like and voted for (though Bush was still a liberal, but less liberal then the other choice, which is why we need someone truly conservative like Sarah Palin who will not give in to the liberals on anything and will close the borders to illegal aliens and their drug gangs kidnapping women, to sell across the border as sex slaves, which I want stopped (so much for my so called "male dominant paranoia" that you so wrongly babbled about.) , which Bush refused to do.

I can't help myself, I so enjoy the debate. What makes you think that I am a liberal? I never stated that or even eluded in any way that I have liberal political opinions. We were only speaking on one issue as far as I know. By the way I understood your analogy about the squatters, it just seemed rather ba<x>se and elementary.<br />
It is very hard to take you seriously after checking out your profile. He, he the whole bit about male dominance. The ranting, the paranoia, the radical religious rhetoric, it is all rather cartoonish.<br />
I do believe that this land belongs to the native Americans. How do you know that I am not a Native American? <br />
In response to your comment above about me being unhappy with Jewish people....what do you not comprehend about I do not care about religion at all, any religion. <br />
Again with the funding issue, you keep insisting that I don't care that the Arab world, or as you put it...Jihadists, which by the way makes no sense, recieves American aid. Once more you assume without having your facts straight, I am not in favor of aid to Palestine either, but for different reasons. <br />
By the way, why did you choose North Korea? No thank you all the same. I love this country way too much to defect. That doesn't mean that I live in denial of the facts. The land was indeed stolen. After hundreds of years there is no possible way to relocate all of the descendants of the Europeans that committed the crimes and further complicating the issue would be the matter of other people of other cultures that have immigrated since and of course there is the matter of people who were brought here by force, what about their descendants? That is precisely why the problem in the middle East requires an immediate resolution. The longer time goes by the more generations of Isrealis are born to the land, the more that they feel as though it is their homeland. The problem with that is that there was already people living there, what of them? Where are they supposed to go? You have already said that you don't believe that even one arab home was ever taken by any Jewish person ever. How can you say that with a straight face? You have said that the current government of Isreal is too liberal....What world are you living in? <br />
And I was suprised and dismayed to hear that you are an American as well. Are you one of those tea party crazies? Did you vote for Bush? Listen to Rush Limbaugh? Just guessing.

The point here is not that Israel is a business whereby you invest money and expect a yearly return of say 6% or whatever the investors would expect.<br />
<br />
If Israel does not contribute to the US economy then neither do all the taxes that liberals like you keep stealing from my pocket to supposedly "pay for revitalizing the economy".<br />
<br />
But they do give back plenty in terms of advanced technology as well as intelligence of the area and the only stable government that allows the US to land or fly over just about without question.<br />
<br />
If you think the investment for technology is such a lousy a losing deal, you should give back every item you ever bought in your life because you (or someone for you) paid money for it and only got back some item, which you obviously think is such a rip off.<br />
<br />
Also if you want 'money back" then tell that to all the Jihadist countries you love and support that give back only terrorism in return for American money that they NEVER pay back ANY of.<br />
<br />
Again, THAT does not bother you so your screaming about money to Israel is nothing but an excuse to "blame the Jews".<br />
<br />
Also Much of that money comes from Jews in America.<br />
<br />
If you are so unhappy with Jews then you should give up all your freedom and go live in North Korea where you will not be allowed to complain about anything like you do here.<br />
Because the entire concept of personal rights CAME from the Jews, no one ever had such ideas before that.<br />
<br />
I'm waiting........... Are you packing for your move to North Korea?<br />
So yiou believe in manifest destiny since your house by ypour own admission is on land stolen from the Indians and again I don't see you moving your hypocritical self while you hypocritically whine about manifest destiny.<br />
<br />
As I have already told YOU, what does or does not mean anything to you is no concern of mine.<br />
I do not care what you believe in, it does not matter.<br />
<br />
I am not even posting here for YOUR sake.<br />
I'm doing it just to show those with open minds that there are solid refutations to lies like yours which is why it does not matter of you can't understand my analogy, because intelligent people CAN and THOSE are the ones I am posting for.<br />
<br />
I don't have the right to speak for all Jews just like you have no right, to speak for all Americans (of which I am one, anyway and you CERTAINLY do not speak for ME).<br />
<br />
If I am not convincing anyone then you do not need to respond to me.<br />
The fact that you feel it's so important to respond proves you are worried that your lies are being too solidly refuted and others WILL be convinced not to believe them.

So let me see if I have this right...You think Isreal contributes to the economy of the US by giving us back some of the money that we gave them in the first place? If you are not happy with the United states and believe that we are "so called allies" then you could kindly mail back the billions of dollars in aid recieved every year. I'm waiting...are you licking the stamp?<br />
By saying that God promised the Jewish people the land in the Torah you only prove my point about Isreal prescribing to an agenda of manifest destiny. As I have already told you I am not a religious person so that does not mean squat to me.<br />
As far as your analogy of the ranch and the illegal alien...??? What?<br />
You do know right that not all Jewish people are Isrealis and you really have no right to speak for them. <br />
Go ahead scream antisemite a little louder and longer perhaps will convince someone other than yourself.

Yes typical, I refuted EVERY claim you made and all you can do is claim I supposedly have no relevant argument.<br />
You think you can spew the same lies found on any NAZI or Jihadist website you can then claim to have nothing against Jews.<br />
All anyone has to do is look at our posts and SEE the truth of what I said.<br />
I have already refuted your lie about 'Jews supposedly invading and occupying foreign lands' I have no need to repeat here what I already said in my last post and for which you have no answer.<br />
Funny how YOU whine about "repeating yourself till people believe it" to me when that is in fact what YOU are doing with your antisemitic lies, that I have already refuted.<br />
<br />
What is antisemitic about your claims about 'your money', is you pretending to care about "where your money goes" when you obviously don't care.<br />
<br />
It's just another excuse to have more complaints against "the Jews".<br />
<br />
Any country getting American aid (and just about ALL do) can commit any crimes they want as far as you are concerned and the only one you complain about is Israel.<br />
And THAT is the one you have to lie about in order to make your ridiculous claims.<br />
<br />
Gee, I WONDER why you single out ONLY the JEWISH country, hmmmmm lets think about THAT one.<br />
<br />
I said nothing about 'single nations' but the Arab countries support terrorism against both Israel and against America and all of them together acting as a single block when it comes to their support of criminal activities like terrorism, all together get FAR more then Israel does.<br />
<br />
Egypt by itself gets 1.5 billion dollars per year from the US and that is about equal to the amount that Israel gets that they do not pay back each year in cash (but they do in advanced technology, some of which is more advanced then American technology in the same area of research).<br />
Now ad Syria and Saudi Arabia and Jordan and all the others.<br />
<br />
You are lying again when you claim we do not get anything tangible for this aid.<br />
Tell that to all the workers at companies like McDonnell Douglas, who have jobs because of purchases from Israel, made with that money.<br />
<br />
And America has been spying on Israel since it's 1948 founding.<br />
And they gave critical info to that they got from Israel by spying, to enemies of Israel as well.<br />
<br />
And those "documents" that Israel got were documents that were promised to Israel and the the deal was regenned on by Israels 'allies'.<br />
<br />
<br />
The Arab countries not only spy on us but send in their Jihadists to populate the country through immigration (both legal and illegal) and are out populating through both till they have the power to take over.<br />
<br />
<br />
Your claim about the UN is wrong for 2 reasons.<br />
#1 Those running it NOW are not the same ones that ran it back then.<br />
Just like Nazi Germany was not the same government of the Wiemar Republic that was<br />
destroyed by the NAZIS.<br />
<br />
#2 I do not ba<x>se Israels right to exist on the United Nations and never said I did.<br />
<br />
I ba<x>se it on two things.<br />
First, it says in the Torah that G-d gave that land to the<br />
Jews, end of story.<br />
Second, The Jews have been living there on their Jewish land since LONG before the first modern Arab EVER started coming there and massacring Jews to steal their JEWISH land from them.<br />
There were Jews there FIRST, there were Jews when the Arabs started invading, and there have been Jews living there ever since.<br />
And those Jews recognize the Jews you claim are supposedly 'invading' .<br />
It would be like someone owning a large ranch of several thousand acres and he invites other family members to stay on his land with him and some illegal alien who stole some of that land and was illegally squatting on it claims the owners FAMILY are supposedly the invaders.<br />
<br />
That claim is as ridiculous as any claim ever made against Israel.<br />
<br />
<br />
Show me one country that has no 'inflated sense of self importance'.<br />
<br />
I don't care if you "move on" or not.<br />
I posted some truth to the constant antisemitic lies always told about Jews and about Israel.<br />
If no one were here telling those lies, I would not need to be here refuting them.

Typical, you have no relevant argument so you spiral into accusations of anti semitism, which is by definition bais aginst people of the Jewish faith. You think that if you repeat it often enough and loudly enough that people will become intimidated and back down. I have already stated that I have no such hatred toward this or any other religion. Jewish and Isreali are not mutually exclusive. Jewish describes someones faith Isreali describes a nationality. The comparison of Settlers from european countries stealing land from the native Americans and what is happening in Palestine is relevant from the standpoint of using manifest destiny the belief that it is God's will that you invade and occupy foriegn lands. You insist on claiming that European people of Jewish faith have a right to middleeastern land simply because they are Jewish, this makes no sense. If we were talking about Arab Jews then perhaps you would have an argument that holds water.<br />
As to the issue of American taxes going to aid isreal or any other country, why is it antisemetic not to want MY hard earned money to go in support of a nation that I believe to be committing war crimes against innocent men women and children. Get it...MY MONEY, I earned it. You are mistaken in your statistics about American foriegn aid. We give more money to Isreal than any other single nation. Look it up. We do not get anything in return for this aid, no tangible goods or services, not even the loyalty and support of our so called Isreali allies. Several times, recently in fact, Isreali spies have been caught on American soil, stealing cassified documents.<br />
As for Americans feeling as though they are better than the rest of the world, I can not argue with you there, but it is a fault that we share with the Isrealis. An inflated sense of self importance has long been an issue for both nations.<br />
I woud like to address the issue of the United nations. You say that they are an illigitimate institution, yet it is this very same international collective that declared Isreal an independant nation. If they are in fact fraudulant than your claim to this land is also illigitimate. You can't have it both ways.<br />
Unless you have something truely relevant to add I think that I will move on to something and someone more interesting and well informed than yourself.

You started off with your knickers in a bunch, I just responded to the whole tomes of your post which started off with personal insults that in essence, called me a liar.<br />
If anything I said is something you take as my being against your right to an opinion then you started off with the attitude that I had no right to my own opinion.<br />
<br />
You have the right to your own opinion, but you do NOT have the right to your own FACTS.<br />
<br />
So you meant what you said and that is why you deserve the response you got.<br />
What's your point?<br />
<br />
I do not 'assume' anything I SEE the antisemitism in your post, like when you claim that teh Jews who's ancestors were forced off their land and forced into exile and you claim they are "Poles and Germans" as if they are not JEWs with the right to their Jewish land especially since the Jews who have always been there accept them as fellow Jews.<br />
<br />
No one but an antisemite would make such a false and misleading claim as to pretend that Jews were not Jews and not the rightful heirs to their Jewish land just because they were forced out .<br />
<br />
Then you further show your antisemitism by complaining about American money going to Israel when you have no problem with far more going to the Arabs who use it to attack us with.<br />
<br />
What do I care if you are religious or not (besides the fact that you are using the talking points of the religion of liberalism, which is very antisemitic)? <br />
<br />
Of course YOU would say you said nothing hateful, what else should I expect you to say? <br />
Your analogy is also an antisemitic lie.<br />
That land IS Jewish land that the Arabs STOLE from the Jews UNLIKE the land stolen from the Indians in Americas history.<br />
The Jews are comparable to the Indians getting their land BACK and the Arabs are comparable to the early Americans who invaded and stole the land.<br />
<br />
No Jew EVER stole any home from any Arabs.<br />
Not one Arab (or anyone else) can prove that any particular Arab had his home stolen by any Jews.<br />
It never happened.<br />
<br />
And those Jews 'from Europe" do need that land because ,many like you who think of yourselves as so much better then Jews and believe that Jews 'can never be patriotic' and everything is a 'Zionist conspiracy to control the country (whatever country they are in, in each case)" need their own ,land where they do not have to worry about more persecution and being mass murdered on false charges of treason and all kinds of other lies, always told about Jews.<br />
<br />
So go ahead and show me this 'documentation' of all this so called Israeli oppression, because there are videos on youtube refuting such lies including one of an Arab from the territories who publicly thanks Israeli soldiers for saving him from those Arabs who are running things in those territories.<br />
<br />
So the United Nazis and the international community that claim 'Zionism is racism' and is full of murderers and thieves and all kinds of vicious antisemites is supposed to be able to tell Israel to disarm themselves so that the combined Arab armies have nothing to fear when they mas for their next attack on Israel?<br />
<br />
What land are the Arabs giving up? <br />
Israel is being carved up one chunk after another and the Arab territories keep growing.<br />
<br />
Then they use it to launch yet more terrorist attacks at the now smaller and easier to target country of Israel.<br />
<br />
<br />
The Arabs want ALL of Israel they have no maps whatsoever that show any territory as belonging to the Jews.<br />
<br />
So Jews have no right to live on Jewish land, that is called "illegal" but Arabs living in JUDEA on land stolen from the Jews is just fine by you.<br />
<br />
And you claim you want peace?

Dont get your knickers in a bunch. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. I meant what I said, whether you like it or not. Dont put words in my mouth, why do you assume that I am anti semetic? I have already said that I am not a religious person. I have stated that I believe in other peoples right to practice their religion as they see fit. I said nothing so hateful as you claim that I have. Believing that Isreal has no right to this paticular land in the same way that the United States used a cover of manifest destiny when stealing the lands from the native Americans. You can not go to someone and tell them that God said that you could have their home.<br />
The distance of time IS relevant because none of those Jewish people who you say had their land stolen thousands of years ago are still alive. They don't need the land. What are these people to do, give up their homes without a fight? <br />
Are you truely trying to claim that Isreal does not oppress the people of Palestine, denying them access to human necessities, healthcare for sick children and pregnant women among other offenses? You can not deny the facts of these instances, they are well documented. <br />
As to the matter of the weapons you ask who says that they are illegal? The United Nations does that's who, the international community. <br />
I would like to see peace as much as the next person but not at the expense entirely of the Palestinians. No matter how much of the land the Arabs give up, Isreal never keeps pushing for more. The illegal settlements grow every day.

becuzisisaidso, Wow talk about ridiculous babble.<br />
That is all you have spewed, here.<br />
<br />
Far cry from Roman times?<br />
So Jewish land can be stolen from the Jews because it was 'a long time ago'?<br />
What utter rubbish.<br />
<br />
"Lets be honest here"????<br />
<br />
The way you started off shows your hatred for Jews and you want to be anything BUT honest. <br />
The Jews who lived in what was left of their Jewish land before the Arabs stole it from them, accepted what you call 'the western people' as fellow Jews they never accepted the Arab Islamics and they are far more closely related to those so called 'western' Jews then to Arabs.<br />
<br />
"rightfully belonged to the Arabs"???<br />
<br />
You mean after they spend centuries stealing if from the Jews.<br />
<br />
When that land was part of Jordan you never cared one bit about so called 'rights of Arabs to any 'ancestral lands' now all of a sudden only when a Jewish state gets some of their stolen Jewish land back you suddenly pretend to care about "Arab claims to (stolen Jewish) land".<br />
<br />
What does WMDS have to do with who owns the land?<br />
You just bring that in to show your antisemitism.<br />
You want Israel to have no way to defend themselves against all the combined Arab armies that you so desperately hope will wipe Israel out. <br />
<br />
Who decided it's illegal?<br />
A bunch of Arab and European antisemites?<br />
Too bad for them and you that Jews will not lie down and die like good little Jews just because YOU want them to.<br />
<br />
You whine about American money for Israel but have nothing to say about the far greater sums which go the Arab countries and while Israel returns some of the money each year and uses the rest to buy from America, the Arabs just give us terrorism in return for our money.<br />
But that is just fine with hypocrites like you.<br />
<br />
Israel is no theocracy, it is run by a bunch of self hating NAZILIB Jews who can't wait to give everything away to the Arabs while they persecute and oppress religious Jews by forcing cars to drive through religious neighborhoods on the Sabbath which is not permitted in the Jewish religion.<br />
Wow some theocracy deliberately violating the Sabbath just to make sure the Cheredi are suffering as much as they can make them suffer.<br />
<br />
Israel is nearly friendless (from people) but G-d will still make sure that things go according to whatever HIS plan, is.<br />
NOT according to how people think they can decide.<br />
<br />
I know more about what Jews think then you do and I know most are brainwashed liberals programmed by liberalism to be self hating Jews.<br />
But Israel still exists and neither they nor you can change that.<br />
<br />
Brutal oppression yeah against Jews by the Arabs.<br />
Again the Arabs started mass murdering Jews in 1929, there was no Jewish state to 'oppress them' nor was there any Jewish state in the 13th century when they were massacring Jews back then either.<br />
<br />
Claiming something is ridiculous (especially coming from YOU) does nothing to prove that claim.<br />

theadvantageoflife...REALLY? Who do you think that you are fooling with your ridiculous babble. There is a far cry from middle 20th century to Roman times. Lets be honest here, even then the Jews who controlled the area were Arab jews not relocated western people of the Jewish faith.<br />
Land give away? Surely you meant return of land that rightly belongs to the Arab people and always has. Notice I did not say muslims I said Arabs, who reguardless of faith (surely yo know that not all Arabs are muslims) should have access to their ancestrial lands. Why should expatriated Russians, Germans, Polish, etc. have right to these lands?<br />
Riddle me this Batman, why is it that Isreal is allowed to have ILLEGAL weapons of mass destruction? I am an American who works hard every day at wittling away at the support here for the so called state of Isreal. It is not a democracy it is a theocracy ran on a religious agenda. Without the support of the US Isreal would be nearly friendless in this world. You would be suprised at the amount of Jewish Americans who agree with me.<br />
Uh, oh, I hear the Egyption people jumping the fence on the issue of support for Isreal. Ha, ha. International support for Isreal is deteriorating rapidly now that technology can expose the lies, the brutal oppression, the manipulation...I could go on and on. And as far as Palestinians preferring to live under Isreali occupation than in freedom, that is a ridiculous statement if I ever heard one.

"Palestine" is a jihadist hallucination..

Notice the huge gap between 1967 and 2000.<br />
But more importantly how did the Arabs (who before 1949 never called themselves "Palestinians" that was the name given to the JEWS by the Romans).<br />
If you want a full picture go back to the Roman empire when the Jews owned it all and it was stolen from the Jews since then.<br />
<br />
Check out the 1929 Hebron Massacre where the Arabs mass murdered 69 Jews and stole their land.<br />
Now after killing off the Jews they claim "There are more of us in Hebron so it's ours" .<br />
<br />
Now with every land giveaway Israel gets smaller and smaller and all Israel gets in return is more terrorism that kills more Jews.<br />
<br />
They won't stop till the entire world is forced to live under Islamic sharia law.<br />
<br />
By the way ask the average Arab Israeli if he would rather live under Israeli rule or under Arab rule and most say they would rather live under Israeli rule.

It is comforting to see that more and more people realize the truth and talk about it. Thanking you anadolu for helping more people see the truth of what is happening.

Thank you for all of your thoughtful comments, my friends. I can see I'm in good company here.

No andalou, thank you for your picture.<br />
*grin* god, we're so nice here!

Wow, thanks for your comments!

hear hear

Couldn't agree more. I've never seen a visual like that but it is very telling of the reality. I'm so sick of hearig pro-israeli people here in the states. Most recently I've had to argue with people who were justifying the recent outbreak of violence there. People consitently say, "well the Palestinians started it with their rocket bombs."<br />
<br />
If anybody had a sense about history, they would understand that Israel started this whole thing long ago.