Americans Are Responsible For the Acts of Israeli Military

All citizens of USA, I believe, have a responsiblilty to know just how much financial, political and military support their government has provided to the Israel.  And as a citizen of Australia, one of US's staunchest allies, I have the responsibility to help make that happen!  :oD

I have copied the article below from this pro-Palestinian site:    There is much more interesting information there on the topic of US Aid to Israel, go have a look.

  I'm happy to be corrected if any of the figuires are unreliable - this is the most up to date resource I could find.


“Israel has no more loyal friend than the
United States. We couldn’t have done it
without her” Yitzhak Rabin

US Aid to Israel

- Israel and the US have a long-established special
relationship. The US was the first country to
recognise the establishment of the State of
Israel in 1948.

- Israel is considered America’s closest non-NATO ally
in the Middle East, a region that is geopolitically
crucial to the US.

- The close relationship between the two states is
reflected in the volume of aid Israel receives from
the US. Since World War II Israel has been the
largest overall recipient of US aid: from 1949-2006
Israel received more than $156 billion of direct US aid.

- Until 2003, Israel received approximately
one-third of the annual US foreign aid budget.
In 2005, the US gave Israel more than $2.6 billion
in aid, a budget exceeded only by US aid to Iraq.
By comparison, Jordan received $683.6 million,
Rwanda received $77 million, and the Occupied
Palestinian Territories received $348.2 million.

- In the past, a majority of the direct US aid to Israel
was via US Economic Support Funds (ESF). The
US publicly states that ESF are given in order to
support stability in areas strategic to the US.
However, the recipient government completely
controls how it spends these funds.

- The US also lends money to Israel, but these loans are
frequently waived before any repayments are made.
The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs has
estimated that from 1974-2003 Israel benefited from
more than $45 billion in waived loans from the US.

- Direct US aid to Israel has significantly diminished
since 1996 in order to reduce Israeli financial
dependence on the US. Speaking to the US Congress
in July 1996, Former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin
Netanyahu declared, “We will begin the long-term process
of gradually reducing the level of your generous economic
assistance to Israel.”

--  The article then goes in to state that while direct aid had diminished, military support has substantially increased under the Bush administration.  Read the article to get the full story, and spread this information around - US citizens need to know that they are responsible for IDF & Israeli government acts.


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Hey thanks blackjack2.<br />
I know it may not seem like much, but it is so heartening for those outside of the US to know that there are voices of dissent like yours within the US.<br /> is great, I also like to use amnesty international. These orgs aren't perfect but in general do a fantastic job of remaining as impartial as possible, and trying to hold violent governments accountable for their actions.<br />
Peace out,<br />

DO,<br><br><br />
Nice story about the German packages. A good lesson for the US armyto do their homework on foreign languages first before jumping in- have they learnt it, is the question? :OP<br><br><br />
But I digress. I know what you are saying, I too try to separate the US people from the US government in most instances, in recognition that not everyone supports the government of the day or shares the views of Bush, or Obama or whoever. But I have to constantly remind myself! Hearing opinions of real citizens like you helps.<br><br><br />
But I continue to think we all have some responsibility to educate ourselves about what our government is doing and, in some instances, to stand up and say "not in my name, Mr President!" That is the responsibility I'm talking about. That is the responsibility of living in a democracy, especially such a powerful one that effects the lives of so many outside it.<br><br><br />
The problem with wars is the it is *always* difficult if not impossible to separate "the people" from "those who want to kill and destroy". Gaza is an excellent example - about a third of the 1300 who died were children. I suggest it would be difficult to explain to their parents that any US supplied bombs were not meant for them, or that there are procedures in place meant to prevent this sort of use, but US doesn't see fit to actually enforce them.

Further to my last comment, anyone wanting to read about US vetoes in relation to Israel should read this:<br />
<br />
The United States has vetoed 35 UN peace resolutions related to the middle east. (Regarding Palestine; 24, Lebanon; 8, Syria; 1, Libya; 2). These resolutions generally call for the reduction of military action by Israel or a withdrawal from illegally occupied territories.<br />
<br />
For a full list of all UN peace resolutions vetoed by US, and accompanying explanations, see here:

Dubiousone, I genuinely thank you for your insights and your obvious extensive historical knowledge. It gives great context. <br />
And I think I know you enough by now to know that you kind of like a a stoush... not so different to myself in that way... :oD<br />
<br />
You mention other areas around the world where America has offered help, and question whether Americal should be responsible for the actions of those countries too. <br />
<br />
My main reply to that is that it is primarily a question of *degree*. What I was trying to show in my post is that the US support of Israel, ever since that country was created and *especially* in the last 10 years, has been unprecedented and in a different category from any other country, Japan included. That is what makes the US goverment, and by extension its citizens, particulalry responsible.<br />
For further illustration of that, I urge you to look at the voting patterns of Israel and the US in relation to United Nations Resolutions, during the latest conflict in Gaza and before. Time and time again the only countries to abstain or deny a resolution are those 2 countries alone. US has many tiimes used its position as a permanent Security Council member to veto international condemnation against Israel. Many people outside the US look at this sort of behaviour with dismay. By providing moral support, financial support and with military aid and advice, the US government has made it much easier for Israel to take the "hard line" with its enemies and ignore international condemnation. I would like the US government to lessen this support - I think it is bad for the civilians of Gaza and many others.

Dubiousone, I agree with you in what you say and disagree with you on the reasoning behind it. This situation needs a compromise that will let all the parties of this area including Palestime, live in pease, safty, and tranquility. That is going to require compromises on all sides. Israel also has a right to exist. Somehow, we are going to have to get past the "HATE".

Dubious,<br />
Thanks for your comments. <br />
Yes, I do feel responsible for the acts of Australia in supporting the US in their basic foreign policy, including Israel. And particularly regarding Israel, I don't like it. My sense of responsibilty has led me to voice my disapproval, and let the governement know I disagree, by letters tothe paper and Ministers. It has also led me to vote with this issue in mind.<br />
No, of course the main weight of responsibility doesn't weigh on the shoulders of you or I. But a *little* bit does. And that little bit is important.<br />
I think this debate is useful. I think everyone can make a difference.<br />
Yes, education is important, I totally agree. And I don't want to alienate - but sometimes a bit of gentle prodding is needed for all us! :oD<br />
Surely the recent change in your government only happened because many citizens felt a responsibility for what was happening, and they didn't like it, so they voted accordingly? To me Obama's election was a fine example of democracy in action, it gave me a lot of hope. But the people as a whole had to feel pretty "prodded" over the years to actually do something about it!<br />
To paraphrase one of my favourite americans, Peter Parker (aka Spiderman)<br />
"With great power, comes great responsibility"<br />
Superpower?<br />

Dubiousone - <br />
You make a fair point.<br />
Perhaps I could clarify by saying I am using the logic that a person is responsible for the acts of their government....It seems clear that for decades the American Government must be held partly responsible for the acts of Israel and its Military <BR>In a democracy - and most americans are very proud of their democracy - I believe citizens should feel a sense of responsibility for the acts of their government.