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Born in 1945 in small-town Canada, raised on the rhetoric of the second world war, I was recently shocked to learn that the Allied heroes who had, I believed, saved the world from the 'Axis of Evil', immediately thereafter destroyed the sovereign nation of Palestine.

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"sovereign nation of Palestine"? Really???? Please tell us what was the capital of Palestine? What form of government did it have? What was it's currency? When was it formed? Who were it's leaders? I think you might need to actually crack a history book - there was NEVER a nation of Palestine.

Answer the questions please

Opinions are like anal orifices, everyone has one and some are one. Your positions and opinions have no basis in fact and are nonsense.

JP's comments clucking his tongue about the benighted peoples of "the holy land"<br />
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"When all is said and done. Neither Palestine, nor Israel will win. There will be no nation to defend as the interwoven fabric of the two nations has forever doomed them to conflict over a chosen territory which neither has any more claim than the other."<br />
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Really? One "nation" is a religious movement, comprised of people who mostly were born in Europe. The other are Arabs, of many religions, who lived there the previous 800 years or so. Do these claims really seem equal to you? Or is that your religious view?<br />
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"all societies in the near east have been born in that land and the claim over a large enough area to call a state is almost impossible. All of the biblical nations started there. All of the history of crusades and conflict has been fought there."<br />
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Only one "biblical nation" makes such a claim: the Zionist Jews. The crusades were a decidedly bigoted and sadistic two centuries of war inflicted by Christians on the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the Levant utterly without justification. You would really use it as part of your explanation that it's "too complicated" and to excuse even more war-mongering bigotry?<br />
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"That place is sacred to all kinds of peoples and cursed in the bible by the god they all claim to follow."<br />
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Boy, that sounds deep. But it shows your prejudice. There aren't any muslims in the bible, and presumably they are one of the people you pity for being so unenlightened.<br />
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"I hope they realize one day that the fight has defined them and that the fight will kill them all if they continue. Kill their souls if not their bodies."<br />
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Do you think the responsibility for any of this killing could possibly be laid at the doorstep of any other country (or even *nation*?) Do you think this happened without the UK or the USA?

wow....Its nice to hear that there are still people who are peace loving in nature. Let's not repeat history, "war is too cruel" lets not waste life just because of "territorial conflicts", and let us not continue to fuel the fire, it is better to "shut up" if it will not contribute anything good to it. But history have proven life here on earth is a "survival of the fitness" but never an elimination of the unfit. Let us continue to hope that peace will be established soon maybe not a "utopia" but at least a safe home to everyone let it be or the Arabs, Palestine or not. Equally we deserve a healthy ground.

JP,<br><br><br />
Some very wise and thought-provoking words here. Thank you for these comments.<br><br><br />
I think you are so right - we need to end the rhetoric of "winning" and "losing" in this area. Its false. All these people's futures are tied to each other - and it looks from the outside like they are all losing.<br><br><br />
Some, like those killed in Gaza, are losing more than others, like the wealthy and comfortable in Israel, or the privileged few Hamas leaders in their fancy cars.<br><br><br />
One thing I do think though, is that Israel needs to stop importing outsiders (from Russia, as I understand it) and placing them in occupied terrotories. The last thing this place needs is more people - Jews or Arabs- that call this place home!

I second andalou, and also commend you on your avatar.. Einstein, I presume? He is one of my heroes! A great pacifist.

Nice to know you've taken an interest in this area, my friend.