Endurance is a very important part of a Believer's life.
I have learn you MUST have patience, more for yourself than to see it in others
People do not always do as they know to do and experiencing that some want at all causes
more responsibility to fall on the few that will.
Therefore, patience is a vital sign in a Child of God's character make-up.
I recently became more aware of how important it is to be enquiped with patience
Patience leads the way for inner growth. Patience causes indiviual who pratice it
to sharpen their spiritual skills. Patience has great gain & remarkable rewards when it has been exericised.
In James 1 it talks about patience and how important it really is.
Believer's that suffer for the sake of Christ must be empowered by patience and must learn to
skillfully use it. I have learned to be quick to listen and slow to speak.
Sometimes if a person speak too soon they can hinder their knowledge intake.
I believe based on my experience that we shall be tried on every work we profess in Christ.
This is simply saying that the character( fruits of the Spirit) must abide in a Child of God
Listed in Gal 5 or else we will become as empty containers.
Therefore, if we say we are of God we must show forth the works in our everyday living.
Sometimes it is not so easy to be but bear in mind that the foundation has been laid and all that build thenon must
be proven to be of God. He that endure to the end shall be saved, he that endure to the end shall
recieve a crown of life which fades not away!
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
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Praise the Lord! I am so glad I do the writing but God give the inspiration.