Just Hate Indian Daily Soaps!!!

full of **** and melodrama...endless series with absurdly large family...extra marital affairs..just brainwash common people with the idea...lack creativity..plot is unpredictable...i mean WTF...repeating and zooming a character's expression..holy ****...who writes those scripts...definitely brings back my migraine
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What do you like on tv btw?

I hear you! its totally crap... the saas-bahu non sense so are the so called crime buster shows and news... all full of masala without substance.

Does the media deliver crap to idiots? or is the crap the only thing that idiots understand?

just fools who are looking for a logic in those baseless soaps

well my mom is one of them.


lol, its okay. we fight about it everyday. I dont watch TV at all, not even the news, I read it online, and I download and watch stuff that I like. movies, documentaries, shows like The big bang theory, 24 etc.
What do you watch?

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Which one in particular are you complaining? If they are so bad, why watch?

any particular??all of them...i don't watch and don't want to..just wanted to share my opinion


yeah dats r8

Same here but still has to bear those serials everyday

I hate TV period..those reality shows are ****. Id rather read.

Its not just Indian soaps. Come and look at british soaps. All the same brainwashin ****. Who wants to watch some people have a ****** affair? soaps amongst all the other ****** mainstream media is waht keeps the mass revoltin when the 'elite' and establishment **** us over 24 7.

i kno!! mom watches em!! soo irritating!!