Only With Faith Could We Find Direction

No matter what people can not act alone to find the truth in this world or universe all by themselves. I believe through god, the true source of truth, will be the only way for people of any kind, to get any type of truth. With faith, god somehow connects our soul, and gives us some type of intuition or answer that could not be explained in words. In a way, god sends us directions of where to travel, on the path to god. God knows his creation best, and we are designed with limits of how much knowledge we could absorb into our minds. Our brains are running at 30% capacity. If our brains ran at 100% capacity, we would know be able to hold a lot more information but not necessarily be able to understand it better. Our minds are able to capture his love and grace very well.

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3 Responses Feb 16, 2010

wow! I didn't know that about the brain.

Yes only god knows our direction, We couldn't find our paths with our human brain. Very well said.