As One Group I Stumbled On Has Proven!!!!!

   It makes me so MAD that there are people on EP who not only think this way but believe that it's actually OK to say it and continue to discriminate against people who aren't "like" them.

   Why does it matter SO MUCH what I look like? Why does my looks have anything to do with who I am as a person? Why if you call a black person a (you know), it's racism.... If you call someone who is mentally challenged a (____) it's frowned upon. BUT you call someone FAT, LAZY, UGLY, oh...well that's just FINE! GO AHEAD, it's not like they have any feelings. Who cares if it scars them for life. They're less then human because they obviously don't take care of themselves or they wouldn't be that big.

  I'm getting sick of being the blunt of other peoples jokes. I'm tired of being a good friend, trying to be the best human I can be. and it not mattering at all. I am so tired of having people judge me and make me deal with their Sh*t. I don't DESERVE it. I'm a good person, I try to treat everyone the way I would like to be treated. I don't always do this, as I do have feelings & I am tending to get upset and say somethings without thinking it through first. But, for the most part I am not CRUEL. I don't put people down or am vicious in my opinions. Is it too much to ask others to be as considerate?

  You don't know me, you have no idea why I'm the size I am. It makes me sick that no matter what I do or how nice I am, to you I will never be more than a set of numbers on a scale. It makes it really hard to better myself, to see myself as a person of value. I'm not saying I can't see that, just that it makes it harder. I sometimes wish humans were blind. Maybe then, we'd all get along better & the ones that are truly loving and deserving of being loved in return would be. Instead of everyone relying on what others look like to decide whether or not someone is worth getting to know. I've met a LOT of beautiful people who were so UGLY inside.


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6 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Yeah I agree with you. No person should be made fun of for something. I am active, I am a kind person, I work, I love my family and my cats. I enjoy the same music as people in my age group do, and the same kind of activities. Yet I get treated like crap because I don't have a pretty face. I can't change my face. I wish I could, but I can't. It's something I have to have, so why bug me just because I don't look like a model? I get told I am nasty, and yet I am a very clean person. Why is it ok to make fun of ugly people?

hear hear, wynhaven! couldn't have put it better myself. it's seems to discriminate against fat people is the last acceptable form of discrimination. to anyone who may judge me by my size, i don't think i have to tell them where to go or what they can kiss! lol

way to go girl let the discriminating folks have it im so proud of you!!!!!

Granted, nudism is not for everyone.....but I say that the ONLY way to know whether you can do it or not is to do it and give it a fair chance. Never say that you absolutely cannot do it until you've actually tried. My wife and I both have had body acceptance and image issues all of our lives, and still do. We were skeptical and highly unsure about it at first, but it was actually learning all we could about nudism and getting involved that has done more to help with those issues than anything else ever has.

I could not have said this better myself....well done. Humans are the ONLY animal on this planet who really puts so much emphasis on how a person looks, what size and shape their body is, or what color their skin is. My wife and I are nudists....our dog doesnt care whether we are naked or clothed, or how we look in either state. Our cats do not care. I have been out in the woods and encountered wildlife which believe it or not were actually less intimidated by me when I was naked than when I had clothes on (this is true). We humans could learn alot from them.

((((hugs)))) People can be big jerks sometimes. But all that does is let you know who the negative and judgmental people are, who you should weed out of your life. Brush it all off, those people don't matter :)