Thank You For Touching My Life

There are people who I care for and some others that I did not care for, that gone through my life with love and touched or played carelessly and then continue their way.

There are people who turn away and I sigh with relief and wonder why I had to have contact with them.

There are people, who walked away, and I sigh sadly and with my heart broken and I question myself why they have gone away and leave this huge emptiness in me?

I know, someday my children will walk away from me, some friends have been already gone, and life goes on and on. People change cities,homes, grow apart, or away.

I think of all those who have passed through my life, I think on all of them and have to say that , "I believe in God's Life Plan," when he puts and take away people in our lives, leaving each one a tattoo on us.

I find that I'm made of small pieces of all those who have passed through my life. I'm more for them and would be less if they had not touched my life.

If we keep in touch or if we fail to do so.....Thank You For Touching My Life.

MyNameIsCecilia MyNameIsCecilia
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4 Responses Jul 9, 2010

We live forever though the people we impact, for a little of us is passes on to each person we connect with. We are a compilation of our experiences and the experiences of all who have touched us. When we connect, everyone gains.<br />
Your children will never leave you; they'll just transition into a different type of relationship with you. Though different, it will still have great value.

Tks as always, Paco. Sofican, tks for reading, and taking the time to comment.

Very nice story. Refreshing perspective. <br />

Very good and it is so true for us all, the way people come and go in our lives . Your a very good writer.