So True!

I actually never thought about it until some time ago I came across a summary of a book I can't remember now that said something like every person we come across in our life is there for a reason. It may be just to teach a life lesson, or help through a tough time, etc. But that person leaves our life as soon as the role of this person in our life is fulfilled.
And I started thinking. And the more I thought about it the more I understood that it is true. At least in my life. 

For example, several years ago I moved to a new project and met this girl at work, we became good friends. Everyone said we looked like sisters, and our behavior and character were the same, according to people around us at least. That intrigued me so I started paying attention to her to understand how other people see me. And I was shocked. I thought I was different from her, but after I analyzed her behavior and compared it to mine, i came to a realization that we really were very similar. And that pushed me to change the way I behave, the way I treated other people.  It was a big life lesson for me. And soon after I made that discovery and started changing myself, that girl drifted out of my life pretty fast. I changed and became a better person and am very grateful for that encounter. 

And I have many more of such examples. 
I really want to read that book I mentioned, but can't remember the name. If someone recognized it, could you please let me know the name and author please.

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And I agree with you 100% sam8140

Well they say things happen for a reason. But we can choose the paths we take