When people come into your life is that part of your destiny? Destiny is supposed to be where you end up based on the choices you made in life, I suppose similar to laying a sidewalk. Each time you place a stone you can determine the direction of the path, and continue to change directions until you reach the end. Fate is supposed to be what happens when you let others make your choices, or you make no choices of your own. But would they both end at the same place, even though each looked so different?

I want to believe that there is a part of your destiny that puts some things in front of you, like people and situations. I want to make my own destiny, but will embrace the opportunity when people come into my life for whatever reason.
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What you've written is very true. No matter how the story is unfolding you cannot escape what is to come. I believe being honest and 100% true to yourself and mankind will lead you to the right path to your destiny.

Destiny, fate, choices, oppportunities....they all seem to be part of what we call life. A combination of all of these are what leads us to the end of our path. I think it's life that kicks us in the ***, and our destiny is what happens after we make our choices and take the opportunities presented. Each choice can present you with different opportunities, it's just making the right choices to get on the path you want.<br />
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For me, I believe in embracing life and not sitting on the sidelines, physically and emotionally. You only get one run at this life, and I'm not ready to be benched yet. <br />
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I am a glass half full person, but realize that many things can fit in a glass. Two halves full, two halves empty, one half full, and one half empty. There is room in the glass for all of these. Damn, now that's optimistic.

I prefer controlling my destiny too, but it seems to me we don't really have much control. We may get to choose what path to take, but we never get to choose which paths are presented to us.<br />
We are always making choices, laying stones and building paths. When we're not satisfied with our lives we want to leap onto the next path that presents itself and call it destiny. I guess I'm saying that destiny kicks you in the ***. Maybe I'm just a glass-half-empty personality. When you say you embrace the opportunity, I guess that makes you a glass-half-full person. Damn, I wanted to be optimistic here....

Thanks Allen - I really appreciate your comments. I think the story rings true for everyone, especially myself. We've all had to make choices in life and it ultimately changed our path. I prefer controlling my destiny over being handed my fate. But the part I probably feel the strongest about is the embracing the opportunities that are put on your path. Life is too short for missed chances.

I do not know if your story was real or not, but it made me realize much about my relationship. I am not married but have been in a relationship for five years now. I agree the small things in life are what truely matter. We are often blinded by the want of something better, so much so, that we take for granted everything that we are so fortunate to have. Your story has helped me today. Whether this story is real or not, I would like to thank you. It was by accident that I found this web site, but I am a better person now for reading this. Thank you again. <br />
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