A Road Less Travelled

The short cuts take the longest time. Forever having to go back and re-trace your steps in order to cut the corners but forgot the destination was not the goal.

I have learned that life is like a meal and needs to be taken one piece at a time and properly digested in order to appreciate the flavours to come. My rush to get to wherever I thought I was going has cost me dearly but I am still in one piece and have hopes and dreams and an ever thankful heart to be able to see it through.

It has and will continue to be a road less travelled and at times remain a lonely one. I think it is a path that was chosen for me before I even entered this world; I must surrender to this possibility and enjoy the winding path because for all of us it must lead to somewhere that will reveal our higher purpose whatever path we choose or has been chosen for us.

The journey was always hard but that is because I tried to force things into existence, be it love, money, material gain, etc. It is kind of soothing to just LET things unfold without the need to control or take short cuts anymore.

My path has been to help others where all my life I strove purely for self, that was my lesson and it had harsh penalties along the way. Having taken so much I think I have begun to understand what I need to give back.

Here's to the next 50 years of giving, the rest will take care of itself.

jagacafad jagacafad
41-45, M
Jul 26, 2010