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Its True There Is A Reason For Everyone In Your Life

   If there is one thing I learned in life it would be the only one for sure thing that life is not perfect. BUT what do we get out of an imperfect life? We get strength. I was never in a bad situation that I never learned something from in the end. In my life I lost many people, people I looked up to, people I loved and cared for. Some people are supposed to be in our life for the rest of them others come and go. Those that aren't in our life for the rest of it NEVER leave without giving a gift. AND some may have just been in our life long enough to give us that gift. Some gifts are obvious ones others may take some looking into and you may not know what gift you were given till it becomes of better use, but when you find that gift rejoice.

Allow me to help you maybe a little. Hopefully you can relate and apply it to your own life meanings. I had this friend five years ago very good friend. We would always go out and look at the trees in the fall and see the color changes. This friend also liked birds and the one day I asked her why she didn't have a pet bird and she said because bird are met to be free and freedom is beautiful especially with birds because they can fly anywhere. Sadly this friend passed away, but she left me with the gift of finding beauty in all things big and small maybe she was meant to give me that gift and that was the reason she was in my life.
  I met this guy in college amazing looking, funny, into sports, and well known. He asked me for my number the first day of class. I gave it to him and we were planning to hang out that night and we did and things got a little crazy I didn't like the outcome of it. I was carried away by how SEEMINGLY amazing he was and didn't stop to think who he really was. I was giving the gift of strength and gained so much knowledge. My point is even the people that were in your life in maybe not such a good way has or had a reason for being in it.
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