Even Priests Do Fall In Love....

Do priests also fall in love??? When i was in 4th year college our religion teacher was very strict in his class. He is a Jesuit priest. Although the subject is just a theology many of the students were having difficulty in passing his exams. In fact a big percentage of the class usually failed in his subject. He is considered as a nerd, weird etc as it is a common belief that he loves failing students. Since, iwas not graduating that semester, i was not afraid to ffail in his subject, and so whether it was a scheduled exam or a surprised one it was a no big deal for me. This gives me more time to be more relaxed, and to be more observant to the actions and habits and mannerism of our teacher. Whenever, our class starts, i usually saw her call our pretty classmate Roxanne to lead the prayer. I can see in his eyes his affection ( hope so not LUST) towards the said classmate. My buddies and I, after a few days, have already realized that this priest really likes Roxane coz he seems so very happy and tense whenever he called her to lead the prayer. Thus, for the rest of the semester, whenever he called Roxanne to lead the prayer, we would start giggling and sing the tune"We all fall in love sometime..." , which made the priest teacher suprised and annoyed since he most probably already knew that we were taunting him for giving special treatment to our charming classmate... Our actions, as a consequence turned the priest stricter and thus almost all of the class failed...... hahahah except me ofcourse and the pretty Roxanne and a few really intelligent ones.:)
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Well whoever you are, you are still human. Still very unproffessional, he was her teacher, AND he was a priest? I wonder what Roxanne was like, just a kid? I am kind of queesy to think that he might have desires for a child but then you usually find that people like that would try to find a position where they would be close to children.

lol you meanie. I was actually liked by a priest too. He asked me if we could meet more often and I was freaked out. Bad experience, but it seems like priests are human too.

of course they do. so many priests have even sired children. have u watched "Thorn Birds"? that's about a priest and his lover.

If I was a priest I would just quit and go do something else so that I would be able to be married.

lol it must be hard being a priest. His natural urges still around. You can't pray away the feelings. Its natural and its in all of us. Poor priesty

yup. for sure, they also have urges and lust...;)

I agree that the church should allow priests to marry. What has been happening is the rise of more and more deacons within the church. Deacons are allowed to take their vows and practice just as a priest does but they are also allowed to be married. Heres the catch they must be married before they take their vows. I disagree that it would solve the abuse issue. If that were the case then fathers, uncles, brothers, grandfathers etc would never commit these crimes. This is a mental issue not a priest issue.

I am sure priests fall in love, for there are no shortage of priests who do far worse things in the church. It is unfortunate that the catholic church does not allow 'priests' to marry, I fear is is unnatural and unrealistic to put a man in such a position. No where in the bible does it say a priest cannot marry, it is a man made law that is enforced by the catholic religion and I find it sad and unimaginable. I am a practicing Christian where pastors and ministers are allowed to marry. Personally, I feel if priests were allowed to marry, we would have less sexual crime in the catholic church, and these men would be happier and more able to relate to their flock. Instead they are expected to be like granite, denying the natural desires God placed in them, and being vulnerable to sinful behaviors because of it. Anyone else agree with this?

yes, priest should be allowed to marry. otherwise, there are tempted to engaged in sexual misconducts. maybe tell the Pope to be more realistic in the Church dogma....:)

I was always told that the Catholic people took the Bible and added and changed stuff that was in it. So even though it doesn't say that a priest can't marry, I get the feeling it says something like that in the Catholic version of the Bible.

Yes, there are too many denominations who take the Bible out of context like that, I think it keeps people from getting close to God, gives a bad impression of God and the Christian religion and puts people off.

Of course they fall in love. They're human and some people are just plain lovable. :)

Poor priest . .still has a lot to learn.Why DID God make them so beautiful and "irresistable" (must be his thinking.)<br />
We men like to understand things and I am always surprised at the fuss my wife can make about a rose.But then,I am only a man . ..