People Past And Present

When I look back to all the people I can remember coming in and out of my life thru the years I can see
that all of them have made me who I am today.
The good ones have helped shape me into a good  person and the bad ones have made me even better.
I have learned something from each experience. Today I have people in my life that I would not want to see go. I have no bad people and only positive relationships. I struggled thru life for years wondering why I was so miserable and what I came to find out was The law of attraction. It says that the way you think attracts the same to you. Like I said I was miserable so I attracted miserable people to me. even now I see that the way I think will bring the same to me. I needed to think happy, loving thoughts and then wham!, I attracted happy , loving people.  If you look at what you are thinking or had thought in the past, you will see why you have the people you have in your life. Sometimes terrible people are just there. I grew up with some bad things happening to me, that is why I thought badly. Not my fault but I did have the choice to stay miserable or get happy.  Love heals all and happiness attracts happiness. that's what I think. 
dreamyjen dreamyjen
36-40, F
1 Response Jun 29, 2011

Im so happy for you... thank u for reminding me of the "law of attraction"... I am not happy now because it's more than 6months now that I could not find work.. Im so upset.

Thanks for the reply and Im sorry you cant find work. Its hard right now. Be grateful for anything you have to be grateful for, stop thinking about finding work and it will come. Know it. Believe it. :) I got to remind myself of this way of thinking everyday.