A Special Place - The Wonder Of The World-verse

There is a special place in the world that is beautiful and wonderous.  It is not the ancient pyramids of Egypt, nor is it the safari lands of Africa, It is not the sunrise on a beautiful morning nor is it the moon in full glow reflecting on a lake.  It isnt a place that people journey far and wide to see nor does it require an ardous trek to the summit of a mountain or a voyage across the vast ocean.  Quite simply, there is a place that is far more beautiful than any wonder of the world, a haven for sanctuary, a heavenly bliss that no sunset could ever compare.  The place I refer to is quite simply, In His Arms, lying still in the early morning resting my head against his chest, the sounds I hear are the beating of his heart and the early morning chorus of the birds at dawn, the sound of his breathing gentle like the breeze on the morning air, and the warmth of his skin, his arms wrapped all around me, protecting me from the world outside, he truly is my Wonder of the World and someday I will find it. :) xxxx
TheOne27 TheOne27
Oct 26, 2011