Thank You + My Bday

I always think I'm lucky in some way whenever Im up or down. I'm lucky I was born in this family that my parents do their best to take care of this family and that I'm not ugly and also in this country not in no where hunger places.

So yes, was my bday few weeks ago.
I appreciate all the ppl I met in the past in my life doesn't matter they like my or not. For those ppl dislike me I appreciate for the lesson u gave me and I learned; for those ppl like me, thank u very much for hanging around me and also for those ppl u dont' know me still help me some way some how I appreciate.

I may not have much luck in relationship since most of my relationship failed but I do feel lucky for so many gud friends around me and supporting me. In this season remind my bday last year and there was 1 person I sepnd my bday w/ but this year I got bounch which is good actually. 10 is bigger than 1! My good friends made cookies for me w/ my name on it saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY and the jewllery I like, my good buddy showed up in the last mins trapped me that he couldn't be there earlier and also covered me into the club I want to get in.

Though there are sth I still need to deal w/ , having all these ppl in my life I don't know what else I can say beside thank u thank u and thank u.
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1 Response Dec 22, 2011

Good! I think when everyone is feeling down they just think of the positives! I do exactly what you do. I'm thankful for my family so much. I'm thankful that i'm not overweight or ugly (I don't judge myself threw a mirror, i judge myself by the guys i attract lol.) I'm thank i'm from this Country too (What country are you from?? I'm from united states).. I'm thankful that me and my family have money (esp my mother who is the sweetest and is always donating to causes!!) I am thankful they have websites like this one. I'm thankful that there are more nicer people then cruel people in the world (even though there are alot of cruel people.) I am thankful for God and everything he does, I'm Thankful for Christmas.. <br />
<br />
LOL i can go on forever.. but i know exactly what you're talking about!! Glad to see a positive post!! you should go on those websites where theres depressed or suicidal people and talk them out of it (And yes there are websites that people join if they want to commit suicide but are to scared..) You'd be a good pen pal most likely, talking them out of it, telling them to look at the positives in there life, etc!! But ay maybe thats not your thing lol... just saying!