People Come Into Your Life For A Reason,Thank Them.

There are roads that can take you to places that you've never been.
There are people when you meet them it's like they have lived inside your skin.
There are souls you connect with so strong, a bond that's so deep and so true.
That's the way I feel about you.

There are times like a magnet you're drawn into homebody's life
You don't know what you're doing or why you are there but you know it's right.
There's a sense that the piece that was missing has suddenly come into view.
That's the way I feel about you.

I believe in this world there is nothing that happens by chance.
There's a reason that just at this particular moment you came into my hands.
Like a gift that you never expected but you'll treasure your whole life through.
That's the way I feel about you.
thewingedone thewingedone
51-55, F
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Very beautiful poem, you are good t writing, Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading this one.....

I envy your confidence. I need to find the handbook before I make any more conclusions, the ones I made so far have not been what I thought they were. Trouble is, where to look and how do I know it's the handbook I want? If I have to write my own I know it will be skewed with my thoughts. How about you just send me a copy of yours lol.

i know what your saying<br />
life has its challeges,<br />
it how we decide to<br />
go with them that makes the difference,<br />
and obviously, the consequences that follow.

thats the way i feel about you ................nice thought

is it,... well, i just dont know what to say to that,iam kinda shocked.

Why did you shock .Just keep your thought in flow in front of me

just a figure of speach, iam fine really he he,, hope you are too

yes ofcourse take care

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I regret meeting some of them, but im taking the lessons and making the best out of the worst for now.. Thanx for sharing this..