This name has poPped up on my recovery my journey from the very bottom. All I can say is when my family didn't support me an Ahmad appeared and became my brother he advices me religiously and spiritually. He gave me guidance and believed in me when others abandoned me.
Then another with the same name became my love, my belief in self, my sanctumn, I M so much stronger just because he is in my life, he dissapears for weeks but a few sentences re invigorate my energy, maybe we do t have a future but at least I'm getting through the now just knowing that he exists.
These people came when I was giving up, self discovery is something I never shyer away from but I have seen other dimensions of me that I didnt know existed because of these people.
I still suffer from down days but these memories and expansion of my horizons has shown me a light at the very end of the tunnel be it dimly lit.
Wildrose1 Wildrose1
1 Response Jan 1, 2012

I also have what I believe are significant others who were literally a gift from the universe! The possiblity of knowing someone "on your frequency" is so complex that only the universe can manage it. People have come to me with books to recommend, with massages, and with love when I most despeately needed it. My fabulous wife has lived with an evolving person that has finally realized what true love is. I am really trying to be loving to her even though we have been married for a long time and things have settled in some ways I would like to change. Mike