People come into your life for a reason. Diane came into mine to soften me up a bit. We met through church. She got breast cancer and I became her right arm. During the nearly three years she suffered she crawled up into my heart. During her illness her friends and family turned their backs on her instead of opening their arms. I met a pure soul. I stepped up and the rewards were endless. We laughed, we cried, we hugged and we touched each others hearts. The stories are endless but some of the gory details are finally fading. I am grateful for this.

"Love potion #9", after a most exhausting day of treatment and illness we were driving home, Diane was asleep with the seat in the car reclined and she appeared to be asleep. This sng cam don the radio, she sat up and sang every word, with energy and emotion, when the song was over, she laid back down and went back to sleep. As long asimlive I will never hear that song without the visual of her singing her heart out to me!

"The boob", one day Diane felt well enough to take a journey to our favorite spot, in a small town on the Massachusetts coast. On the way there she began to feel ill, so she pulled out a joint to smoke to help the nausea, windows rolled up, small car filled with smoke, we get pulled over, Diane rolled down her window to talk to the cop, the cloud of smoke had to hit him int he face, she chatted with him for a bit then she said, "let's go Amy Lee.". As she turned to me and I was about to ask why are we not in jail and I notice her only remaining boob is hanging out poking through her mesh beach cover. She looks down and we began to laugh, I mean really laugh !!!

The stories are endless!!
Amala82962 Amala82962
46-50, F
May 11, 2012