They Do Come For A Reason

My life if filled with significant others I can very much appreciate. One of my bosses was generally very unpopular but great for me to work with. I understood what he wanted and gave it to him gaining much self respect in the process. He gave me freedom to experiment with ways and means of running my department that alloowed inventiveness and challenge.. As long as I made money, he did not object. At another time I was at a batchelor party about to go a little wild when I noticed a person that was the spitting immage of my deceased college roomate there (apparently?) to say the night would be significant for learning. One of the woman I worked with I strongly connected with because the work we could do together was much better than either one of us alone. This taught me about really loving and gave me to understand and appreciate the contribution others can make to a project. I love my wife deeply but have come to appreciate that I have to want to love her and make an effort to show it. The result of doing this has been wonderful. I am lucky to be with her. These persons are gifts from the universe!
66-70, M
May 13, 2012