From Good, To Bad, To Good Again.

Sometimes there are certain individuals that come into your life that make so much of difference in your life, that it's completely life altering.  That person for me was my best friend from high school and when we met, I felt that I'd finally met another misfit like me.  We had our ups and downs and we both constantly hurt each other to gain power over the one another. It was a monotonous cycle that I finally broke when I realized that her concept of friendship and mine were totally different, thus causing me to finally break ties with her. 

For a long time after that I was messed up, became bitter and I ultimately withdrew from people because I was just sick and tired of being used.  I let this life changing friendship break me down into a shadow of myself for a long time until some one, God and a very loving mother brought me out of the doldrums. Now I'm on the road to recovery and am reclaiming my life and this ex friend is now just a mere memory, a reminder of how manipulating a person can be. That's what she was in our friendship, a grand manipulator and always made me feel bad about myself. 

I've written a lot of numerous stories on the subject of my failed friendships because I don't want what's happened to me to happen to someone else. This friend taught me many valuable lessons, the most important one is to always have an impenetrable line with friends and to keep them at arms length. Getting too involved comes with a price and it isn't always pretty. For me, this friend came into my life to teach me how to pick the right friends.  Picking the wrong friends can be deadly if you're not careful. Now, I feel like I'm closing a chapter and beginning  a new one. 

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1 Response May 22, 2012

I know where your coming from. I've had mystical experiences with people that have come into my life in the past. And your right, a bad friend can be a lot worse than a commited enemy. Don't be discouraged. Love anyway.