Season,reason And Lifetime

"People come into your life for a reason,season or a Lifetime"
I have come across this phrase in many a articles and i so have come to believe it.

Think about it and Darn it's so true!!!
Let me shed some light on what Season,Reason and Lifetime really mean.Many a time we come across people,we instantly like,we might end up having a connection which might culminate into a relationship.We dwell in the beauty and soak the feeling of awesomeness and then suddenly one day it's gone,things turn ugly and our world is shattered.Somewhere something went wrong and we can't stop but wonder why??
It's just because those people are like seasons in our life,who bring those momentary happiness and disappear.It's like a chapter finished.

There are times when we are down and we are disappointed and we feel the world against us,and that's when our angel appears who becomes our best friend,who is there as a pillar of support in everything we do ,believe.Those are the one's who are present in our life owing to a reason.

Yeah Last but not the least there are people whom we love,whom we love in spite of the many things we hate in them,and who even at distance remain the closest and who no matter what remain at our sides in all despair.Yeah those are the keepers for a lifetime.

Hardest part is understanding this and letting go of the one's who don't belong to us and understanding the importance of one's present:)
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OMG that is such an absolutely beautiful, perfect, description. It should be in the Bible.

Danny, I tried messaging you but it wasnt possible so I write it here:<br />
"I would very much appreciate if you added me as your friend - I would love for us to initiate a "get to know eachother" process! Thank you!"<br />

I added you Tonia:)

Very well written.

thanks a lot:)

Danny - thank you for again bringing these words of wisdom up for everyone here to see...<br />
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Thanks again, Danny for your very personal interpretation which I share all in all....

oh i am so glad tat it could help:)....yeah i so wish we could link the related threads..

thanks all:)