Life Has Seasons

I was passed 27 years too old..too ugly and fat. Stopped looking at myself too. my husband never wanted to take me to any public placea...I was not in perfect shape :)
Then it was the year brother send me an invitation to join facebook. Having no one to talk to, I accepted it and thought let me explore. As, I went skimming from group to group..i found a friend...seemed younger to me and same i send him a friend request.
It was the beginning of a friendship..that had turned me into a new person.
He was from west and I from east..totally different in our views and expression..loneliness vanished and each day I found myself waiting for his message.. A sweet hello or love you :) and very soon I got addicted to his sweet talk...
He liked a person with a golden heart ( he wrote once) and made me feel beautiful inside, for heart never grows old or ugly.
Since that day..I am smiling :))
He made my lifeĀ get spring for the years to come. I transformed from ugly duckling to a beautiful swan..inside of me changed.
He came in my virtual life and changed my real life forever..He gave me the perfect ingredients to be happy...."Be sweet"..that is all to make you the bees come and get nectar from you..Yes..people will always come for a reason or benefit..and if you have enough to will get loads of it in return too..
2009...he left my friendship ..and he went away...after his departure I had no reason to stay..I closed my facebook account. happy to get this chance to my friend gave me a reason to live my life being happy for who I am..thank you came for a reason in my left as a better person than you foundĀ ...thank you..I miss you..but with a smile and a for being happy and tear for missing you again..
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What a sweet, happy but also sad story. Good your are in a better place now though.

Thank you for sharing this, also brought a smile and a tear

good :)


Ah - you have a great story. I hope you keep finding that kind of friends to keep building your confidence.

I have friends not the same, but better ..thank you for reading my story.

Your story is so sweet, so sad, and so hopeful. No matter how heart breaking an experience may be, as in his leaving your life, we can still get something good back from it all that will grow us. I wish you love!

thank you for your good wishes.

You're welcome. And I love your avi. :)


Life does seem to change as the seasons; what a lovely post, as others have said--it's nice to hear you chose to retain the positive aspects of that friendship--all too often people dwell on the loss. May life continue to be beautiful to you throughout all it's seasons, there would be far more trouble in appreciation of the good ones without the contrast and balance of all others. Thanks for sharing!

thank you for your comment, very encouraging

I hopes you will find good friends on EP too.

Best Wishes

thank you for your wishes

Thanks for sharing.

Are you working for your fatness, i believes after being in good shape you will feel more happy and confident. For looks i would suggest yoga, it not only makes you confident and happy but brings a glow on face and makes you look more beautiful.

Best Wishes

thank you..I will try that

How strange it is sometimes. Things happen like a butterfly that wanders in to your garden and spends some quality time, then it is gone but the memory is so sweet.<br />
Thank you for this sweet post.


you're so grateful, it's amazing :)


Well said my friend,very wise move really It have impressed me so much.<br />
I like the way you sc<x>ripted when friends come then leave our life...people always complain about someone used them for some reason and left ....<br />
<br />
But you show us here the positive side of friendship :)<br />
Thank you

it is positive I know it and guess what I show it too :))
thank you for your comment

People come into our lives for a season. When their purpose is done they leave us. It is always a blessing when they leave us better off than what we were we they entered. Such a wonderful story. thank you for sharing.

thank you for relating with me

Oh Absolutely you are a beautiful person, no matter what life brings us, we are the judge of who we truly are, inside. :) Thank you for sharing your story. There are many who are alone and feel/felt the same as you did, oh please never loose the new and real you. <br />
Angels come in many ways, shapes, and forms... you were blessed.

thank you for your positive comment. :)

That was very beautiful and heartfelt.....thanks for sharing it.

thank you :)