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We all have people that has been in our lives for a lifetime and some for only moments. I appreciate the ones that was here for the short moments in time. These are the ones I learned many valuable lessons from. How I want to be treated and how not to treat others. How to appreciate others and who I believe is worthy of my company and me of theirs, more so me of theirs. I have learn and still learning on how to open myself up to kindness, grace, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, sympathy, mercy, joy, acceptance and so many other things. The ones that are and still is in my life for the long haul, I cherish them with open arms and caring heart.
I welcome all in my life and have an open mind and spirit for them. Now, I do know not all we be here in my present forever. But I do hope I leave a lasting impression in their lives. If nothing as I want to be remember for accepting others for you they are. This is the bigger think I had to learn. Though I like to make it easier for others to accept themselves.
enchantedebonybutterfly enchantedebonybutterfly 31-35, F Aug 20, 2012

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