I Tricked My Girlfriend

It was years ago
I took my girlfriend out for dinner and drinks one night,
she looked absolutely stunning, and everyone in the restaurant and bar
looked at her longingly all night.

As the night wore on and she wore down I got her blind drunk, almost asleep in the taxi on the way home she nodded in and out of consiousness, the only time she woke was when i kissed herI layed her on the bed and slowly undressed her, we made love most of the night, she was worn out and fell as leep.

Early in the morning i sneaked outside and re entered the house,
I made lots of noise coming in, and went sheepishly into the room and sat on the edge of the bed
I then appologised for leaving her last night and going off with my mates

She looked at me with a stunned and shocked look on her face.....i said i didnt mean to get home this late in the morning.....her jaw dropped.....she was pannicking.......she knew she had sex, but now didnt know who with.........She went to the shower immediately and was in there for a long while

All day she was tippy toing around me and acting very strange, she was scared of something it seems

.i told her later. that evening during our normal sex before sleep............
she didnt think it was so funny......i dont know why.....

Stang69er Stang69er
46-50, M
4 Responses Sep 8, 2012

that was mean, lol

Bahaha... Thats horrible! Lol I wouldnt think it funny either...lol

shame on you