Our First Meeting

This story is true. My fantasy woman and I met for the first time in person last weekend. Some people here know a little about this from ep since we met on here. I am married, but in a basically sexless marriage. As is the case with my girl (fantasy woman). She had already filled my dreams with her from our chats on here and then phone calls and finally skype. I have to say I’m the luckiest SOB on the planet to have found this woman who fulfills me in ways I only dreamed about before. I love her more every day. Now, on to the story.

Our weekend together started when I picked her up at the airport. She looked amazing. She had on a very sexy blue top that showed off her breasts beautifully. A nice little skirt completed the outfit. I would find out just a little later that she had nothing on under it. As she walked toward me her breasts bounced and swayed and her perky nipples were pointing right at me. So hot, she had my **** twitching with just the sight of her. We stood in the middle of the airport and hugged. The hug was such a great embrace. I could feel her trembling a little. This was our very first meeting and I was sure she was feeling as overwhelmed as I was. So many feelings at our first body to body contact. We had seen each other many times on skype, but nothing like this. I kissed her cheek and chin and nose. She was smiling so I felt fairly confident she wasn’t going to go to the ticket counter looking for a flight back home. Thank god! We finally moved apart slightly and began to move toward the rental car counter. We walked hand in hand and it already felt so natural. We had a little fun with the rental car counter man. Kidding and joking as we got our car. We got to our car and I kissed her lips for the first time. I pulled her in tight, telling her how much I loved her.
I had a hotel booked about halfway between our final destination and the airport. I will never forget her reaction when I touched her for the first time, intimately. She had a quick, sharp intake of breath and jumped a little as I had slid my hand up her beautiful bare thigh and lightly touched her smooth *****. Confirming what I had guessed. She was commando for me. It wasn’t that long of a drive, so when we got to the hotel we ask at the desk if they would recommend a good restaurant. They gave a couple of nice suggestions and we moved to our room. Now alone in a room with me for the first time, we moved together and began to kiss. Passionately, urgently we kissed. Our tongues met. My hands moved all over her. Feeling her body, learning all of her with my hands. I pushed her dress up in the back and cupped her bottom, pulling her tight to me. As we broke our kisses, she ask “are you hungry”? I smiled and said yes as I pushed her back to the bed. I laid her back and pushed her legs apart to find a very wet *****. As I buried my face in the sweetest, wet and hot ***** I have ever tasted. She again gasped and jumped at the touch of my mouth to her *****. But was very quickly rolling her hips up and pushing her ***** back into my mouth. I nibbled and licked at her engorged ****. I pushed my tongue as far as I could into her *****. Oh my god she tasted so good, I knew I never wanted this to end. She began to ****** and that just made me more excited and I lapped at the juices she was providing. I tried to ride out the ****** with my mouth firmly planted on that *****. As she started to come down from the orgasmic high I slowly slid up her body. As I positioned my **** for its’ first entry into her *****, I paused and looked into her eyes. And the beautiful smile on her face made me feel so good. I slowly entered her as she clenched her legs around me, pulling me in all the way and holding me tight. We began to move together. Slowly building in intensity, she seemed to be continuously ******* and it felt so good. I couldn’t hold out very long at all as I told her I was going to fill her ***** with *** she was ******* again as I pumped my *** as deep into her as I could. We held each other and giggled at how she had ask if I was hungry. We did make it to dinner and the start of the best time of my life had begun. I love her more every day. I hope when she reads this I didn’t embellish to much of my sexual prowess.
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It also sounds like she is a very lucky girl to have found you.

Trust me on this one. I'm the lucky one!

Beautiful! I am so happy for you! :o)