Sometimes you dont know when someone just come to your life not knowing it would come just like a thieves that come on broad day light or in darkness?Perhaps you will find that amusing but it exist and it always happen anywhere.
Are you going to say that feeling something in your heart is a sin because that woman or man is married or in relationship and then it progress even it was forbidden it continue like a plant that suddenly grow into your heart a love that is forbideen still it exist?
Its hard to stop what you feel when your heart is capable of loving in multiple ways and liking someone else because you miss her/him and like to see him/her if you can make it daily you will do it,is this feeling bad?of course if we base in religion it is,if we base in sciences its not if we base in theory its an ambivalent feelings that hard to stop and you know if you do it will hurt you in the end and if you go on with it it will make you selfish because its yourself that you think.
But some people never choose the three options instead they formulate something that will benefits both relationship if the man or woman is married she/he can still be the loving wife or husband and on the same way when she or he have time,she/he will come to his.her arms and be with her/him just like a normal relationship where they can be together without any malice ot hurts why and not demanding that all the time should be her/him alone,this is really hard but some men and women choose this thing too,for every reason and believe that it come to their life because it was meant to be in their life and with all the reason and what ever people think about it as oppose to all teaching that we learned but it doesnt matters.
Life is mysterious and too short to think about what others opinion and views about it.
tawam tawam
36-40, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I really understand an appreciate what your message conveys here.

thanks and yes it means you understand what is there and why it happens.Thanks