As With The Seasons, There Is A Reason

The sun rises and sets each day. Seasons change from one to another in due time. As with the change of seasons, people have come into my life for various reasons.

It may be a moment in time, such as the quiet reflective woman at my job whom I've exchanged pleasantries for nearly 20 years.  It was this woman who offered such profound spiritual words of comfort to me during a very depressing time in my life following the death of my mother and grandmother barely two years apart. Though I was surrounded by genuine friends, and a wonderful husband who was a great comfort, it was her words that broke through my wall of depression.  We spoke for a long time and I walked away feeling as though a huge boulder had been lifted from my shoulders. 

I've often thought of that moment in time and the reason this person came into my life to restore the peace I needed to carry on.
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5 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Good to know that your friends and husband supported you :)
Its All God's Blessings.
May God bless you.

We all could do with encountering a person such as this.Great post,thanks.

Very beautiful

That's a nice story Skyy7, I'm really glad you had someone to talk to.

Well said,
Way to go girl!