God (allah) Is The One Who Connects People

God (Allah) knows best.
When you meet someone it's because God (Allah) willed that it would happen,
That the both of you would meet each other,
And this whole meeting or connection is a test,
God (Allah) may test that person on how he/she would treat you,
While you are also in God's test,
God's test to see how you would treat them -
Would you treat them well so that to have you in their life they feel that they are blessed,
Or would you mistreat them, become 'the bully' and fail one of God's many tests?
That's why there is such thing as Judgment Day -
When every one of us will be asked,
If we believed, if we did right or if we did wrong,
If we did all the tasks that God (Allah) required from us,
And if we were nice to all those whom God (Allah) made us meet -
Blessed on that Day will be those who believed, were merciful, truthful and just.
wifeofnomayri wifeofnomayri
26-30, F
Jan 7, 2013