I Dont Know If I Should Stay Or Go. So Confused

Ive been with my husband for 23 years. We have 2 kids. Boy and girl- 21 & 8 years old. I realized about 10 years ago that I was unhappy. Then I got pregnant. My son was 12 and at the age of understanding and we both knew we would be better off leaving but i stayed. My son has aspergers syndrome and my husband has never really understood him or even tried to. I love him and hate him at the same time. I want to leave but have never been on my own and am scared. Hes always mean to me. Not physically but emotionally. Im always walking on egg shells and never know what comment hes gonna make next about how im dressed or making the wrong thing for dinner or neglecting my daughter when I do everything! My story is long but I think you get the picture. Im about 70 lbs overweight and constantly trying to lose weight cause he thinks its all my fault. He doesnt consider the fact that I tend to eat when Im upset or depressed .lm constantly questioning myself and hes in the back of my head saying "that's not using your brain!". Please ! I need advise!
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You need to remember you are not to blame for his attitude towards you.
He is obviously insecure and reflects this onto you, making you feel small so he feels better.
Remember this atmosphere will also effect your children, they will pick up on the tension and bad feeling.
Live your life, free yourself from these negative and destructive shackles, you will be happier and so will your children.
I hope you find happiness
love to you and your family xx

It sounds like you need to get away from that negative energy. Please don't believe what he says about you. He sounds like an idiot. You deserve better. If you ever need to vent feel free to email me. Take care of yourself.