Sweet Memories

How I want to put you in my box of sweet memories. Why is it so hard to face not hearing from you again?
I fell for you wearing your blue t-shirt, with your lovely smile standing by the palm tree in the sunlight. So tall and handsome.
You filled my life with happiness and love, you were charming and sweet a real gent.
We shared beautiful moments together, from the whirlpool to cards and wine on the balcony, the Hawaiian beach bar to the french restaurant with white linen further up the coast. The magnificent castle looking out over the bay with quaint houses. The little train which trudged up the hill as we all laughed and sang our way along. The merry music played at night, dancing, laughter so welcome.
Months passed our love grew, inseparable we spoke for hours. Should I have proposed on Feb 29? I think so but I didn't want that then. I didn't know what you were thinking, stress caught up again.
Our next holiday should of been special but I knew I had to let you go, thought better things were waiting for me. Maybe I was ungrateful, not loving enough. I saw you with another and it broke my heart, the thing I feared most, did you do that on purpose. What about us?
Now my life is changing beyond imagination, this challenge I must face alone with the fear of not having love again.

Thank you for teaching me about gratitude, love, compassion my angel I'll always remember you.
flurry1 flurry1
46-50, F
Jan 15, 2013