We met here a few months ago. A bond immediately formed between us. Even though we had just started sharing our life experiences, it felt like I had known you forever. You are comfortable. You are thoughtful. You are funny. You are loving. You are intelligent. You are respectful. You are non-judgemental. You are unique. You are genuine.

While we shared so much, it was not a romantic relationship. It wasn't what either of us were searching for and natural boundaries were made. We were open with one another, but there wasn't a need to take it a step further. I felt so safe writing with you. Sadly, we had comfort while another did not. Out of love and respect on your end, our communications will pause. The friendship isn't over, it will just take on a different form. I will think of you bundled up to your eyeballs and enjoying your winter wonderland and I will smile knowing you are happy. Neither of us wish to say goodbye and neither of us will. I say this freely without a second thought coming to mind. I love you, my far away friend. You are a very special person and I am grateful for our brief time. Perhaps one day, if it is ever meant to be, we may pick up where we left off. Simply two friends sharing, learning, supporting and guiding.

Enjoy my friend. Open up and trust. You are worth it.
greeneyes37 greeneyes37
36-40, F
Jan 16, 2013