Everyone Has Something to Teach Us ..

The following was sent to me at work and I think its just wonderful. It is written by BRIAN  A CHALKER.

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON...It is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally, or spiritually. They may seem like a Godsend and they are! They are there for the reason you need them to be.

The, without any wrongdoing on your part, or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. Sometimes they die. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. Your need has been answered, and now it is time to move on.

When people come into your life for a SEASON...It is because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn. They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it! It is real! But, only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons; things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person, and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Thank you for being part of my life.


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i belive that also

This is nice in theory; but falls under fate. If people fell into your life for a reason there would be no divorce. Everyone would get married and evryone would be happy.

Chihahua, not exactly that easy. I do believe we are here to learn lessons. What lessons would we learn if we were all happy? I don't think anyone has the right answer. Sure some really crappy things happen in lfe...I don't know why, i don't think anyone does. We all go through good times and bad, we are supposed to learn from these experiences, pass them on, teach others etc. I could be wrong, but I don't think anyone knows for sure.....

This brought tears to my eyes...

Tasmin, This post touched me and it really made me think about some of my relationships. BRAVO on such a well written post.

It is very nice to get all this praise but I must reiterate that I did not write the piece .. it was sent to me at work and I just love reading it.

Tas, Your story reminds me of a situaton I recently experienced. I moved into Senior living apartments. One of the ladies toldd me not to get to attacfhed to my neighbors because they might be leaving. I could not follow her advice, as I am a person who loves quickly. Later after loosing some of my new friends to nursing homes, and death, I told the woman that she was wrong. What yoou must do is love quickly, share your life quickly and tell your new friend that you love and cherish them because they may onlly be with you a short time.<br />
I even had the blessing of putting my arms around a friend and telling him that I lovedd him as he was dying. I am so glad that I could surround him with love as he went home.


I don't believe people come into our lives for a reason. But I think we should be able to learn something from every person who comes into our lives. If we can't, we're not paying attention.

Thank you .. I certainly think we can learn something from everyone we come into contact with ..

just as love is a journey, so too is life, and the people who enter and exit it...<br><br />
<br><br />
awesome post, tasmin - thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of writing with us... :)

So true, and thank you for reminding me of this simple truth....peace...SS

Thanks for the reminder. I just "lost" a friend who was here for a reason. All of the friendships I've cultivated have been here for a reason or a season. I haven't been fortunate enough to have a lifetime relationship with anyone. I imagine those types of relationships are rare and should be treasured : )

thank you so much, i really needed this tonight. it opened my eyes about someone who has come into my life! Time to move on ; )

Very well summed up.<br />
I agree and can look at a relationship i just formed in that kind of manner.

I couldn't agree more with this post---I have had numerous people come and go in my life-majority of my experiences have made me grow immensely-had my heart broken-and it healed-and I grew from the experience-stronger I might add-I've had friendships for my entire life with some people-others are new-I'm thankful for all of them!

I m ne w tothis site my name is Deborah I am really going though difficult time, the was a time i belived my husband was my soul mate, but after what hes done, my heart no longer belives that, my heart is broken, do you think it can mend? I ahve no happiness in my life, i once was a thriving registered nurse administrator who over saw 30 nurses and 250 children with disabilites i am now disabled and feel like a faliure

I completely agree .....i think that everything that happens, including people, happen for a reason. This was a hard post to read because my best friend who ive have been friends with for 8 years has recently just stopped talking to me....and im not good with change...and i hate losing people.....so Im still having trouble accepting it. Nice post! It's beautiful

And I believe that everything happens for a reason. Today is my very first day on this site I was feeling kinda down I really needed to read something uplifting. Thank you tasmin

Sallam..<br />
<br />
Yes people come in our lives for some reasons but not for only good reasons for bad and good both ,, yaa some time people comes in life for a good reason but they did not live always with u and u cannot hold them for whole life.. although u want that they live forever with u but they are out of ur control and u can only wish to have them always.. in this situation some time they become the reasons of sadness for whole life.. .. <br />
<br />
God bless u all.. me new here.. :)

This is so true and poetic and sad and misserable all at once. Only the best things in life allow u to feel so much.

Even those who pass by us are there for reasons, and good ones. Remember the good times and be grateful for them I say.

This is really nice and so true.

Amazing :)

Thank You.

I love this , should print it out

yeah thanks

Beautifully written and true

ur story, is so true and it made me cry.

I believe in that. I've read what you wrote before. when I think about it, it's true.

True and moving, yes. BUT...it starts to sting a little when nearly everybody who enters (my) life--is only TEMPORARY. I have said it before and here I go again--WHY? Why some people and not others? Some get temp-relationships only, others get wrapped in the warm security of a decades-long love. Yeah, why the hell is that???

I feel similar and dont know the answer .. but gues its to do with choices we make

Thank yous to all the reasons, seasons, nd the one lifrtime iny life. This post is so true. Thank you for <br />

Hey turdboy, thanks for posting your reply. I would have never found this story had it not been for your note. You brought it to the top of the recent group activities.<br />
<br />
And tasmin, thanks for posting the story. It is so well written, and I'm glad you gave Brian Chalker his recognition as the author.<br />
<br />
And thanks too, to all 66 commenters of the story... I read each one of your notes.

And thank you too for reading and your comment

Thanis for the thoughts. It was a great read and more importantly a rich thought for the grieving I am not experiencing.<br />
<br />

I think this could be true, I am feeling this way about things, even through people I haven't got on with in the past I suppose I have still actually learnt from the experience (even though it was crap at the time).

I think we can def learn from everyone we meet

love it, thank you x

My personal experience is very different,most people i have met in my life are not even aware enough<br />
to see beyond there own nose,so how I can trust that the have a positive purpose in my life, let alone improve it.

Hmmm ... you can learn especially from people you dont like or feel good with

I just found this post and I want thank you for sharing it with us.

I am very pleased to have happened across this post today...it comes at just the right time in my life to remind me, as I've been challenged emotionally, that everything happens for a reason. As the days pass, I am more clearly able to see the purpose.

I think it is def true

Yes, it is good to read

wow,that is beautiful...

I just lost a dear work friend. I worked with him on a daily basis for about 4 years and then recently our department was dissolved and we all moved to other departments except him and our employer. He still got together with us all several times since August 2010 and we celebrated his birthday just on Jan. 9. He had a simple gall bladder surgery but then later needed a scope done to retrieve a couple of stones that were kinda stuck in there. The procedure or waiting 3 weeks to do it caused intestinal tears and after about 3 weeks in intensive care he died. This writing above just reminds me of my short but wonderful days with my friend. I lost someone who truly cared about me just because he was a good soul and he liked me for me and liked him for just being himself. We talked a lot and laughed and enjoyed politics and the spiritual side of our lives. I miss him.

Oh, I am so sorry Bunnie. <br />
I love how you describe your friend as a good soul who liked you for being yourself and that you talked and laughed a lot together . <br />
It is too easy to think people will be there forever and then be totally shocked when suddenly they are no longer there :(

Yes! Don't try to hold on to people when it's time to let them go. God may not have meant them to stay. Treasure those who God will allow to remain in your life forever.

this is fantastic very much enjoyed reading this thankyou. blessings.:)

Thank you

Nice dress tomatoe

Yes, most becoming :)

Well it's quite stunning <br />
<br />
I may go and find myself a dress just as yummy :)

people need people and we all need a holiday

I understand the fact that those people go when they have accomplished what God brought in our lives for but what i don't understand is why some people go when we still need them and why our lives can't be the same or get damaged without them.

I dont know Deppressedsangel .. <br />
<br />
Guess we dont really understand anything ..

This is beautiful and so well put. I love it thanks! Makes sense and its true.

I have been in many people's lives and i have helped and learned from them the knidness love hate jealousy and o chose to love and learned to be in peace when i parted myself from others or they parted from me.I consider my self to be a life coach and i want to share my power with another person that is as useful to human beings.i do consider this person to come to my life to be my partner as well so i am sending it to the universe and ask you to pray with me for me and for all others who are wishing the same thing for themselves.

Thank you but I think I explained how it was sent to me :)

It's weird but the friend who sent ot to me was a very strong part of my life but then she left and I have never heard from her since .. though I know where she is and what she is doing

Thank you for sharing poem!! I have read many times over the past years via email from many friends who I love and appreciate. I have a lifetime friend, that may have only thought she was a seasonal friend. She left 9 mths ago...tears fall daily over missing her...a hole in soul until she returns!! I know she loves me, I know she is hurting (over a false situation)!! Maybe she (Carrie Anne) will see this response and know that she is in my life for a lifetime! I'm just waiting for you Carrie, only you!! My cell# is where you will always be able to find me!! I love you Carrie!!!!

Wow nice .u currect

Wow nice .u currect

Wow nice .u currect

Thank you Tasmin for sharing this wonderful post.

Thank you for reading it :)

Thank you for coming into my life on EP now.

These are really profound words. So full of hope.

yes :)

Wow this is so beautifully true. Inever thought about it like that thanks for sharing this

Hiya, thanks for reading :)

I so loved this. It really got me to thinking. Love it!

: )

wow it's really complex to have many people in our life time and every of them really give an impact in my life stories. There is no coincidence, there is no wrong meeting people in our daily life. Thanks to all people i've ever met and share some pieces of their life to me.

I didnt write it but yes I think its correct :)

Thank You for posting this strong powerful statement as to why people come and go in our lives. Reading it made me think of a friend that I have been getting to know the past 3 years and we have been in and out of touch for a variety of reasons. But deep down, we both know we care about each other. Thanks again for posting this.

Hi david, thanks for stopping by, I love reading this story , find it very calming somehow :)

What a lovely post.

This is sooo beautiful. It is sooo true. I got goose bumps reading it, because with every sentence I had a true memory of someone. Thank you for this.

Thank you both for taking the time to read and comment :)

Wonderful post, I've been doing some thinking lately, and believe it or not, come to the same conclusion.

Hiya lazycrazybasket (great name) yes I think it is the most useful conclusion

Thank you.

Wow thank you for sharing! I think about this all the time.


I believe that you have answered a question which I saw as a meanness which was just help when I needed it. This person came into my life and then went out again and it hurt my feelings, but now I realize that my needs had been met. She's still an aquaintance, but we aren't as close as we once were. That was a time I needed help. Then I no longer needed it and she withdrew. I saw it as traitorous, but it was her time to move on and mine, as well. Thank you.

yes, it is very liberating to accept that many people will only be in our life for a short time. Some we are very pleased that's the case but others we wish could stay much longer :)

Brilliant! Thank You~

I had a Brian Chalker for a music teacher when i was in middle school!!

I have a world full of people to thank and yet to thank for touching my life. Thanks for a great post

Wow....that was well put...thank you for sharing it. I loved reading it...and, again, best wishes, Tassie.

Life does teach us a lot of lesson that we, most of the time don't get to see with these "reasons" and during the "seasons" that we were with these God-sent people. It is then that I believe that indeed, No man is an island.

Truly beautiful and very true x

I read this before but its nice to recollect the things again. Thanks for sharing...

This is so true.