The Strange Sensation Upon Meeting.

I believe that people come into your life for a reason even if you never know what that reason is. I have met several people that I had a very funny sensation upon meeting them. Nothing serious, just a tingling sensation or the strange feeling that I know them somehow. Which in most cases I know it is not true. But the feeling is still there. Those people are there for a reason. God or whomever you consider the supreme being puts certain people in our path. To learn from, to teach, to help pick them up when they have fallin, and to be picked up ourselves, and there are probably countless other reasons as well. I have had people that I met and became aquainted with that our friendship blossomed and has stayed strong through all the years since our meeting. We laugh together, we cry together, we go through life sharing our experiences and learning from each others mistakes and then helping each other correct those mistakes. Then there are other people I've met(not all others, just some) and had only a short term aquaintance with and I means short term, a matter of minutes or hours, days or maybe just a couple weeks. Just a very short span of time for my age.(not to sound old or anything. LOL) but even though I am not aquainted with them still and they have moved on. I have not forgotten them and somehow the short aqaintance that I've had with them has made me a different person. Its different for all of them. Sometime they taught me something. Sometime when I don't know what they reason is. Maybe it was vice versa and I taught them something. Who knows? All I know for definate fact as that there is a reason for meeting certain people and I feel as if I better for it somehow. Wiser.

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I agree. i met my boyfriend right before he shipped off with the army. i believe that theres a reason he is in my life and a reason i fell for hm so fast in the 3 weeks before he left. all i can do is hope that me waiting for him to came home is the right thing to do because i have never connected with anyone so fasy ever. its hard for me to get where im at with anyone because of my past in abuse. i agree that everyone is in ourlifes for a reason. :)

Thank you for the compliment on my story Loral. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.

I share that belief. It was nice to read your thoughts<br />