The Reason Is - It Feels Good

The reason they come into your life is totally subjective to your state of mind and needs at the time. You're inviting them, or accepting them, into your life because you each fill whatever gaping hole you've got going on in your lives. 

They guide you, appreciate you, show you insights you'd never see otherwise. They see your vulnerability. You see theirs. Do you take that vulnerability and use it to your benefit?

People come into your life. You love them, trust them, accept them and they see your sweetness and open up so you can pour it all inside them. And you do. You just pour and pour because it feels so good.

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4 Responses Jan 22, 2009

Hey mystik, I never said it's all airy fairy. I've poured my sweetness into black, bottomless holes. That too was a lesson.

Thanks, unpredictable. It did happen to me when I wasn't fully aware that something was missing. Changed my life. It also happened at a time when I was devastatingly aware of the holes. That was life changing as well. Apparently I don't have a problem with change!<br />
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Lagos, I'm sorry you're going through this. Some people come into our lives and see the holes and jump right in to get what they want, not really caring what is best for us.

I have always known this and believed it. <br />
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Recently, while our marriage was on the rocks. He came into my wife's life. From that moment everything just went wary. From "working things out" now my wife is divorcing me. She says she sees in him everything I am not. When she said she does not love me anymore, I was totally crushed. We talked, we begged, we cried. It did not work.<br />
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I still believe that people come into our lives for a reason. But now I know that not all is good... at least not when I am trying to dig myself out.

This is very true. I had never seen it that way. I always seen it only in the sense that they come into your life to be of a certain guidance, but I had never realized that some come to fill a certain gap that is missing, that even when we don't realize it is empty it exists. I'm thinking of those who have come into my life recently, and can say that they have brought insight that has helped me overcome my state of mind and heart. Thank you this was a very good read...***kisses*** sweetie, I always enjoy your thoughts.