The Bestest Friend In the World (well, One of Them)

I just have to write this story now, because five minutes ago I was freaking out completely about a lifestyle change.  I had absolutely no confidence in what I have been planning and was sure I was going to fail.  Then I talked to one of my best friends.  It's not like she just happened to be there and I needed someone to let my fears and worries out on.  It was more like, "I have to talk to her."  

I've been planning a move from the small town I grew up in, to the city where I was born.  Here I have comfort.  I have a job that I know how to do and a good place to live.  Plus I'm surrounded by all the things I grew up with.  I know everything here.  I also know that I need to get out.  So many things have gone wrong and I feel like I can't stay here anymore.  Everyone is moving on to new things and I'm going to get left behind if I don't make my own move too.  The only thing is that I'm absolutely terrified.  The city I'm planning on moving too wont be completely strange to me.  I was born there and have gone there to visit relatives, plus one of my other best friends goes to school there.  But the anxiety of finding a good job and an affordable place keeps pressing itself on me and when I think about it I start freaking out!  It doesn't help that every time I talk to my dad all he does is tell me all the things that could go wrong.  It's no wonder why I have no confidence about moving!

Anyway, tonight I was freaking out about it more than usual.  And I just go this urge.  I have to talk to her.  As soon as she got online I started talking to her, and unleashed all my fears and worries.  I told her everything about how I was freaking out, and how I'd probably start crying my first night living there because I'd be alone in a new place.  Then she did the best friend thing and not only encouraged me in this, but brought up reasons why I'll most likely succeed in this.  She also told me she'd drive two hours down there just to help me hunt for a job and apartment.  

She is without a doubt, one of the greatest friends in the world.  I thank God for her and hope we never grow apart. 

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Actually no, all the friends I grew up with are moving on and doing good things with their lives. I feel like I'm the only one not doing something. So now I've given myself a deadline to be out of here before summer's end. I'm determined to make something of myself and not be the only one left in this town. <br />
I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do when I get out, but I'm determined to come up with something.

Wow that story sounds really similar. Tell me if this is the same: you look around and see all your friends you grew up with and all of you planned on being famous/rich/successful etc, but everyone is working dead end jobs, unemployed etc.<br />
<br />
You know you have to get out of here before something bad happens and you are completely trapped here.<br />
<br />
Sound similar?<br />
<br />
Regardless, I know what you are feeling, I am super anxious too, and know something has to happen, but I don't know what.

That's beautiful. I hope you cherish what you have, and I wish you luck in finding that job and apartment. You'll be fine. :)