My Angel

I only knew him for 2 weeks, but what he did for me will remain with me forever.

Seb entered my life when I desperately needed help. Someone to save me from my ex.

My ex was an obsessive, manipulative bastard who turned out to be married with 3 kids. He abused me and threatened my life and those of my family and friends if I ever dared to leave him.

I was desperate so made a deal with my ex. If I did find someone new that he was to leave me alone. He agreed. 2 days later, there was Seb. A bad boy but a heaven sent bad boy. I walked straight passed him in a shoppong centre when suddenly he started to follow me.

We exchanged numbers but told him that I couldn't start a relationship with him because I was going overseas to get away from my ex and told him the whole situation.

Seb rang my ex without my knowledge and told him that we were seeing eachother and that he was going to marry immediately so it wouldn't give my ex any reason to contact me anymore.

I've never heard from my ex again and unfortunately I haven't heard from Seb either after I returned from my overseas trip. But I am grateful each and everyday for what he did for me and hope he knows just how much I love him.

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1 Response Feb 14, 2009

I'm glad you were able to get away from your ex thanks to such a kind person. I hope Seb will see good in his life and your trip overseas helped to ease your mind :)