Shes like the wind, rushing over my skin sending chills down my spine. Shes like the breeze, whispering through the trees, brushing ever so slightly across my cheek and blowing through my long dark hair. I find myself yearning for her on those hot muggy days when sweats dripping from my every pore. I crave her on the darkest winter days, even when the grounds frozen and my bones are brittle and sore.

When I'm fragile like paper thin glass, waking and sleeping in a pool of my tears, I hear her whisper "head up gorgeous, have no fear for u r never alone, I am always here" When my hearts beating fast and slow at the same time, full of anxiety, my ribcage constricting the air from my lungs. Shes my life support breathing for me. When I'm brittle, my knees so weak I can barely stand and when they buckle, throwing me hard against the cold hard ground, i can feel her whisk my battered body up and carry me. When my wrists are covered with ruby red droplets from self inflicted wounds created to paint a picture of my insides against my skin, there she is refueling my veins with her oxygen.

People say I do not truly know her.. after all face to face. We have never met. Yet shes like the wind… you will always feel her and once you have.. every fiber of your being remembers and no matter how much time goes by.. your soul never forgets.

Written by writingmyrelease
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Wow this is amazing keep it up

thank u so much

razors cut deep, but not as deep as others hateful words,
your heart is the only thing that will tell you what or who to love. so follow it until the day you die.. Stay true to your heart and you will always be true to yourself. I feel that a person who is true to their heart always tend to have the purest souls if I myself were to judge. do what makes you happy, and forget all the ****** people who make you sad. You don't need those people in your life anyway. & life support is one of my poems names. I think you would like it, might even relate to it, or maybe relate to the feeling I imagine it probably sets off in the people who read it. & that wind upon your face is your guardian, you should pay special attention to whoever you wrote this poem about.. or maybe not because of the ending. I can definitely tell the person you wrote this about has special meaning to you.. I think you should keep them around, sounds like they make

~Happiness is Bliss~

Thank u for the heartfelt response. Means a lot to me that u took the time to read this n comment :)

your very welcome

you're* 0_o I'm still half asleep

Sounds like you have A guardian angel looking after you.

thank u


Amazing, perceptive writing. You have a gift...

Very beautiful writing.

Thank you so much for reading it <3

My pleasure and thank you for posting it

I posted another new one... sooo maybe read that one too? xo

I sure will

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Excellent, excellent work...
Your words flow very well, and are dripping with emotion.
You have a great talent for poetry;
I can't wait to read more.

Wow thanks so much doll <3 Add me in your circle <3 You are so sweet xo

Absolutely! No problem at all, your work is more than worthy of such praise^%

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