They Come For a Reason and Season and a Live Time

I belive in that.

But you know they come for reason .

For me they leave memory good or bad.

But they are my thoughts lot.

I learn lot from the people that has come in to my life.

They were there at the time they were suspose to be.

I was lonely and with out in one in my life.

So I belive that pereson comes in your life for reason

lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
4 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I have learn from all the people that have come in my life.<br />
Some good and bad.<br />
And some heart breakers that has come in to my life.<br />
And all most married.<br />
But then out of blue I am moveing on.<br />
So that is how it goes.<br />
<br />
Thank you all for write on this paper.<br />
<br />

of course i've known people who have brought joy to my life and they left a lasting impression for sure. unfortunately, the not so good ones left their impressions as well and, be it right or wrong, those are the ones that dwell on my mind sometimes more than the good people. maybe i'm too sensitive for my own good. i don't think i deliberately try to remember the bad people/experiences but they have a way of sticking with me.

Was it always hurt and destruction? Right from the very beginning?<br />
When I've been hurt it was not just what that person was doing at the moment. But that they had taken away from me the person they had been. <br />
And hopefully we learn from the pain. Learn what not to do, what not to tolerate next time. I learned not to allow myself to be treated in ways that were not right. <br />
<br />
And then there are the people that touch our lives and bring us joy. Bring us knowledge. People that may only touch us briefly, and we don't always know why or where they came from. But they enrich our lives by knowing them. Certainly you've met some of those?

i wonder what the reason is for people who come into your life and leave hurt and destruction behind? what purpose is there for that? those kinds of people i could have sure done without.