This Is Life

People who enter in our life, they come for some reason, some with a special purpose, some not. They find us or we find them without knowing. Some of us have moments full happiness, these moments surprise us, they chance us, they touch us, they teach us and sometimes, hurt us deeply.

Even when someone entered in our life and has nothing to offers us, they don't come into our life just without a reason, if they don’t have a meaning in our life, it could be that we have a meaning in their life, we never know. Some of them enter in our life in a so strange way that they intrigue us till today. Each one is special, even if the moment was short, certainly they left something in that period.

Observe your life, try to remember all the people who have passed already through your path and what each one them have left probably. In some you will see that your personality was built gradually from moments that happened in that time and today has a reason still.

When you feel someone doesn't make you happy, give a second chance to know them better, you could have many surprises by giving one more opportunity. When someone is special for you, tell them how you feel, perhaps your words make magic in their life. Don't let to do the things tomorrow, it could be too late.

Do everything you wish. Hug your friends, your family and your children. Give a smile to all them, even to your enemy. If you love, love deeply, enjoy each minute of this love, without measuring the efforts. Try to be cheerful every morning, even if the day doesn't promise anything new. You never know what can happen.

Pay attention to all the people who come into your life, they could be the one who brings you happiness and make a reason in your world.


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13 Responses Mar 6, 2009

This is a great story

omg, there u go again, writing about me. i joined this place because i wanted to share my experience, and then i saw your writing, and it was about me, and then i kept looking, and it was me again, one goes through life thinking that one's experience is unique, than no one else feels the same way, that our experiences are unique, that our joy and suffering, is only happening to us. oh, what a mistake, thinking like that, we all want the same things, we all go through life searching for something.and yes people enter our lives, for a reason, to make us happy, to make us miserable, to make us think about the why of things.

If my words made you think again, what were your thoughts?

Yes, saying to view all who pass your way would be a good idea. After all you have summoned them through thought or deed. Life is full of contrast, this helps us to clearly see what we do desire. And with those desires come different people that bring to us a piece of the puzzle we are trying to put together. So don't shoot the messenger. This doesn't mean you will make love to all of them, just some. Others like said before are brief. Some are there for awhile. The best advice was try to be cheerful. The reasons behind that is a major subject on it's own. Just do it and receive the rewards that go beyond your expectations. TendereyesPrincess is a wise one and you would do well to follow her words of wisdom.

You came into my life for a reason, your words made a difference. Great story princess! Smiles

There is an old saying, <br />
"People come into your life, some maybe for a day, some for a season, and some are there for a reason".<br />
Pay attention to not only everyone, but everything, do not only open your eyes and ears, but open your heart to possibilities.

TP- I do the same thing, I always want the people in my life that I love to know it :). Great story ~

I have been very upset today by one person (at work) very negative and draining to me. But after reading your story I am thinking that maybe I can learn from the situation .. maybe still try for a better relationship.

Beautiful TP! Your words are inspiring and so truthful. We are never promised tomorrow so it is important to tell the people we love how we feel about them today....

ur words are always magic to me..thank u

So well said. I basically agree with everything you've written. Isn't it funny how it's like pulling teeth or lifting bags of wet cement to get other people to see this?<br />
<br />
There truly are no coincidences in our lives. Thanks you for your story.

i agree with you all we have to do is pay attention.

So beautiful. Your last sentence says, "Pay attention to all the people who come into your life, they could the one who brings you happiness and make a reason in your world." I've found many times the people you least expect something of, the ones who quietly wait in the wings, are often the ones who have been watching and listening the closest. I know, because it is one of those people I now love most. He married me.